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WTO & US-China Business Cooperation Forum (Changsha)

Co-organized by USCEA and News Office of Hunan Provincial Government, ¡°WTO & US-China Business Cooperation Forum¡± was held at Hunan International Convention Center at April 26, 2002.

Deputy Governor Tongxin He delivered welcome remarks on behalf of Governor Yunchuan Zhang of Hunan Province.

Mr. Frank Halpin, Director of US National Economic Coalition and former Vice President of US National Retail Loss Prevention Association, Mr. Fletcher Orlan Lee, Advisor of US National Humanity & Culture Foundation, Professor Thomas Rossi, Member of Policy Advisory Committee of US Congress, Mr. Peter Jegou, President of Zamora Funding, Inc. and Ms. Jina Xu, Vice President of USCEA, delivered keynote speeches to the more than 500 attendees. The topics discussed at the forum covered variety of issues, including Outlook of US-China Trade Relationships, WTO & International Financing for China, How to Do Business with China, How to Finance in US Capital Market, as well as How to Develop US Market for Chinese Companies.

The excellent speeches attracted strong interests of the Chinese attendees. Many questions and comments were raised and communicated in the Q&A session. The event was widely covered by all major media in the area, and was considered the highest level and most successful WTO forum ever in the history of Hunan Province.