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Yellow River Delta/Dongying City Business Promotion Conference

Co-organized by US-China Exchange Association (USCEA) and Dongying municipal government of Shandong Province, China, ¡°Yellow River Delta/Dongying City Business Promotion Conference¡± was held at Sheraton Hotel in Boston on October 29, 2002.

Mr. Shuguang Liu, Deputy Mayor of Dongying City, Mr. Jeff Butland, Regional Administrator of New England, US Federal Small Business Administration, Dr. George Wang, President of USCEA, Mr. Jim Cox, Deputy Director of New England Center, US Department of Commerce, and Ms. Linda Noonan, Executive Director of Alliance for the Commonwealth attended this conference, along with more than 100 entrepreneurs from New England area.

In March 2001, Yellow River Delta was officially selected by China¡¯s National People's Congress as one of the primary developing areas in China¡¯s ¡°Tenth National Economic & Social Development Five-Year Plan. Premier Zhu Rongji also visited Dongying City and Yellow River Delta last year, and requested Dongying City to take a lead in the development of entire Yellow River Delta, and to play a critical role as did Shenzhen City for Zhujiang River Delta and Shanghai Pudong in Yangtze River Delta.

Dongying is located at Bohai Bay with land acreage of 8,053 square kilometers, shallow sea acreage of 4800 square kilometers, and population 1.7 millions. The second largest oil field in China ¨C Shengli Oil Field, is also located in Dongying. In the year of 2000, Dongying¡¯s GDP reached USD $5.98 billion (GDP USD $3,500 per capita), which was ranked No. 1 in Shangdong Province, and No. 7 in the medium or large cities nationwide in China.

The redundant natural resources, convenient location and well-developed industrial base have attracted many foreign investors to Dongying since 1999. More and more foreign owned or joint venture companies have been established in the area, including Sanyo, Luneng, Junfu Goup and other companies. The current industry portfolio already covers oil, chemical, salt chemical, electronic, medicine, machinery, construction material, textile, biological technology, and many other industry lines.

Needless to say, there are enormous business opportunities in Dongying and Yellow River Delta. The city is targeting to be a multi-functional central city in the area, with modern industrial processing facilities, an agricultural belt, business and trade centers, and recreation resorts. Dongying City is opening her door to welcome friends and businesses from all over the world to join the development of Yellow River Delta, and to share the tremendous potentials of its bright future.

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Mr. Liu
Shuguang, Deputy Mayor of Dongying City

Letters of intent on cooperation signed between the Government of Dongying City & El Monte City