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New York World Trade Week & Changsha Business Promotion Conference

A large business promotion delegation of 40 people from Changsha City of Hunan Province of China, led by Mayor Zhongchi Tan, arrived in New York City to attended New York World Trade Week (WTW) activities in late May.

NYWTW was organized by US Department of Commerce, US Small Business Administration, New York State Department of Economic Development, New York City Economic Development Corporation, World Trade Center Association, The Federation of International Trade Association, Manhattan Chamber of Commerce and several other primary trade organizations in tri-state area. Secretary Don Evans of US Department of Commerce (US DOC) delivered an opening speech in Waldorf-Astoria Hotel of NYC to kick off the New York WTW on May 21. Under Secretary Grant Aldonas of US DOC also spoke as the keynote speaker of WTW Educational Conference on May 24. Mayor Zhongchi Tan, arranged by USCEA, was also invited to speak on the opportunities in Chinese markets for US median-small size companies in the Chinese Markets session of the conference. USCEA President George Wang moderated the Chinese Markets Session.

On May 25, Changsha delegation held a business promotion conference in NYC World Trade Center, as part of NY WTW. More than 100 US company representatives attended the conference. Dr. George Wang, USCEA President and Chair of the Event Organizing Committee, announced the commencement of the conference and introduced the VIP attendees to the audience. Carmela Mammas, Deputy Leader of National Information Technology & Communication Team, US DOC, Milica Boskovic, Director of International Business Division of NYC Mayor Office, on behalf of US DOC and NYC Mayor , respectively, welcome the delegation to NYC to attend the WTW. Huimin Zhao, Deputy Consul General of Consulate General of P.R. China in NYC, and Tongfu Wang, Minister Counselor of China Permanent Mission to UN also delivered welcome speech to the Changsha delegation. Mayor Tan, as the keynote speaker, introduced the business and investment environment of Changsha to the US company attendees.

A contract signing ceremony was held after welcome session of the conference. US company attendees showed strong interests in the 50+ projects the delegation brought with them. Upon the request of the attendees, the ending time was postponed by about one hour.

Deputy Consul General Huimin Zhao hosted a luncheon for the delegation, US DOC officers, Barney Lehrer, President of US National Association of Export Companies, Event Organizing Committee members attended luncheon.

In the afternoon, the delegation visited Lucent Technologies, AT&T, and other two multinational companies in Greater New York area. In the evening, the delegation hosted a dinner for overseas Chinese professionals and graduates in New Jersey. The presidents of all major Chinese professional associations in Greater New York area, such as Chinese Association of Science & Technology (CAST), Sino-American Pharmaceutical Association (SAPA), Chinese American Professionals Associations (CAPA), and NJ Chinese Computer Professionals Society (NJCCPS), along with about 100 attendees were present at the dinner.

The Changsha Business Promotion Delegation left for Washington DC on May 27, after successfully completing its trade mission in New York area.