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China's Most Valuable Brands Launched and announced in New York

The current unprecedented financial crisis gives Chinese brands a great opportunity for further development. After announcing China's Most Valuable Brands at a press conference during the US-China Entrepreneur Summit on December 1st 2008, the Ruifu Global List unveiled its ranking list a second time for year 2009 in New York. On December 2nd 2009, at CUNY, China's 100 most influential consumer product brands were announced, indicating the unique vitality of Chinese brands and their durability in surviving the financial crisis.

Announcements regarding the ranking list were specifically scheduled at the fifth US-China Entrepreneur Summit, jointly sponsored by organizations including the US-China Exchange Association, the Global Alliance of SMEs and the City University of New York. The conference was attended by over one hundred guests - US government officials, economists, financial experts and Chinese and American entrepreneurs.

On behalf of the rating agencies, William Spitler, GASME Chairman, unveiled the rankings in the China's Most Valuable Brands for 2009. Haier ranks the top again with 81.2b, for the past 8 consecutive years, followed by Lenovo with 68.2b, Gome (55.3b), Wuliangye (47.206b), Faw (45.502b), Midea (45.333b) and TCL (41.738b).