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GASME Names 2009 Top 10 Chinese SME Entrepreneurs

Jointly nominated by the China Office of Global Alliance of SMEs (GASME) and the China Office of the US-China Exchange Association, the following ten entrepreneurs were presented with the 2009 Top 10 Chinese SME Entrepreneurs award by GASME's Executive Committee:

Wang Wenjing, President, UFIDA Software Co., Ltd.
Peng Xiaofeng, President, LDK Solar Co., Ltd.
Bian Zhiqiang, General Manager, Kunshan Wellmei Plastic & Mould Industrial Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Mi Cheng, Executive Vice President, Hong Kong Ming Energy Group
Zhao Zhongguo, President, Dalian Southeast Industry Group
Li Xiantai, President, Zhejiang ERG Technology Co., Ltd.
Wang Shutong, CEO,
Liu Chengwei, President, Qingdao Hengda Glass Technology Co., Ltd.
Wu Gang, President, Wu Zixiong Glass Gallery Co., Ltd.
Wang Jing, General Manger, Beijing Famous-Brand Evaluation Co., Ltd.

Three decades of marketization of China's economy have spawned a group of entrepreneurial leaders who, with extraordinary courage and vision, have been trailblazing in a rapidly evolving and fiercely competitive business world and who have had their impact felt both home and abroad. Especially given the current global economic turmoil, they increasingly play an instrumental role in ensuring China's continued prosperity and growth.

Since China possesses the most SMEs and contributes most significantly to the world's globalization process, GASME has decided to, from 2009 on, annually present the Top 10 Chinese SME Entrepreneurs award to honor a select group of innovative entrepreneurs from Chinese SME, thereby creating role models for the entire Chinese SME community.

The winners of the 2009 award all share some common traits such as being innovative, visionary, and internationally-minded and having a strong sense of social responsibility. Some of them either excel at building an environmentally-conscious business or are at the forefront of making their business efficient, profitable, global as well as socially responsible; others are on the cutting-edge of technology and innovation among their peers; and yet others are known for their management excellence and leadership in their industries.