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2008 US-China Business Building (Orlando) Conference

The 2008 US-China Business Building (Orlando/Chicago) Conference, co-organized by US-China Exchange Association (USCEA),, Orlando Municipal Government, Metro Orlando Economic Development Commission, and Manufacturing Association of Central Florida, was held in Orlando and Chicago on April 22-23, 2008.

In the morning of April 22, The 2008 US-China Business Building (Chicago) Conference was held in the conference room of Grant Thornton LLP, Chicago. Mr. Shawn He, Chair of MeetChinaBiz, Mr. Varghese Chacko, President of US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce (Middle and West), Mr. Savio Chan, President of US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce (Northeast), Mr. Gene Lee, Representative of Chicago Mayor, Mr. Liu Rui, Secretary of Chuanshan District, Suining City, Sichuan Province, Mr. Liu Zaiwen, Vice Secretary of Anju District, Suining City, Sichuan Province, Mr. Zan Zhongguo, Director of Suining Innovation Industrial Park, Sichuan Province, and Mr. Su Pengpai, Director of USCEA Shanghai Office attended the event.

In the morning of April 23, The 2008 US-China Business Building (Orlando) Conference was held in the City Hall of Orlando, Florida. Ms. Daisy W. Lynum, Mayor Pro Tem, Commissioner of Orlando Council, Florida, Carmenza Gonzalez, Vice President, International Business Development of Metro Orlando EDC, Ms. Irma Stenman, Director of Business Development Metro Orlando EDC, Sherry Reeves, Executive Director of Manufacturing Association of Central Florida, and Dr. George Wang, President of US-China Exchange Association, along with dozens of other US attendees attended the conference.

Chicago is the 3rd largest city in the US and the largest industrial center in Great Lakes area. There are 20% of US population within 480 km around it. There are has full range of industries in which finance, steel, meat processing, farming machinery, transport machinery, chemistry, petroleum, electric machinery, plane engine, printing and commerce take the lead nationwide. Chicago has thousands of trading/commercial companies including Sears, Roebuckand Compary, Inc, the largest retail business in the US. Orlando is located in central Florida, best known as the home of Disney World. Orlando, because of its world-class convention center, hotels, theme parks and attractions, has been ranked globally for years as a world-class community facility. It is globally competitive for corporate headquarters, high-tech, high-value jobs and diverse economic opportunities. Its reputation is recognized by Business Week as a top 5 city for entrepreneurs.

The Chinese Business Delegation consisted of 30 Chinese entrepreneurs who came from different provinces and diversified industries such as machinery, chemicals, garments, molding, auto parts, metals, furniture, instruments & meters, logistics, crafts and commodities. During the conferences, the Chinese delegates met with more than 110 US attendees from Orlando and Chicago, most of them reached intent on cooperation.

During the conferences, Chinese delegates visited Metro Orlando EDC. Ms. Carmenza Gonzalez, Vice President of Metro Orlando EDC introduced the investment and business environment of Orlando area. After the introduction, the delegates from Qianding Holding Group and Yiwu Baomas Knitting Co., Ltd. decided immediately to set up branches in Orlando. Ms. Carmenza Gonzalez said they will be delighted to provide services for Chinese entrepreneurs in relocation, tax, legal and employment. Later, Chinese delegates also visited Collins Corporation, a high-tech company specializing in accessories for submarine fiber optic cable and aircraft cabin. The president, Mr. John Collins, and the general manager of Ningbo Yongqi Aluminum Wheel Manufacture Co., Ltd. expressed great interest in cooperation with each other.