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2007 US-China Business Building (Philadelphia) Conference

The 2007 US-China Business Building (Philadelphia) Conference, co-organized by US-China Exchange Association (USCEA), Philadelphia Municipal Government, Pennsylvania Economic Development Office and, was held in Philadelphia Parliament Building on August 23, 2007. It is the 38th large scaled US-China business conference that are organized or sponsored by USCEA since the year of 2001.

Dr. George Wang, President of USCEA and Member of International Council of US National League of Cities, Ms. Carol Brooks, Special Representative of Mayor of Philadelphia and Director of the International Division of Philadelphia Municipal Economic Development Office, Mr. Tony Ceballos, Director of Philadelphia Center of US Department of Commerce, Mr. Joseph Burke, Director of Pennsylvania State Economic Development Department, Mr. Shawn HeYuxun, Chair of MeetChinaBiz, as well as other US officials and local entrepreneurs attended the event.

Philadelphia, as introduced by Ms. Carol Brooks, is the fourth biggest city in the US, the birthplace of USA, and the one of the 10 major industrial and commercial centers in the US. The Philadelphia Municipal Government attaches great importance to the economic cooperation with China, and has already established sister relationship with Tianjin and Guangzhou. The rapid economic growth and huge market potential of China arouse great interests from Philadelphia business community to do business with China.

Mr. Tony Ceballos and Mr. Joseph Burke also welcomed the attendees at the opening ceremony. They spoke highly of the US-China Business Building Conference as an effective platform for business exchanges and collaborations between US-China entrepreneurs. Dr. George Wang, representing the organizer of the Chinese delegation, thanked all co-organizers for their tremendous effort in putting everything together. In recognizing the remarkable contribution made by USCEA on promoting US-China business cooperation, Ms. Carol Brooks, on behalf of Mr. John F. Street, Mayor of Philadelphia, presented the emulation of liberty clock to USCEA as a most honorable gift.

The Chinese Business Delegation, led by Mr. Frank Cao, Chief Rep. of USCEA China Office, consisted of 36 Chinese entrepreneurs. They came from very diversified industries such as electronics, machinery, paper making, molding, bio-chemicals, knitting garment, home appliance, stocking, shoe making, furniture, chemicals, auto parts, construction materials, grinding, metal hardware, trade and real estate. During the conference, the Chinese delegates met with more than 100 US attendees. Both parties signed LOI on more than 30 potential projects, involving USD $20 millions.

In the afternoon of August 23rd, the delegation visited Philadelphia Harbor, an uprising trade harbor in USA. The Senior Director of Philadelphia Harbor Bureau made a detailed introduction of the geographic strength, cost advantages and development blueprint of the Harbor to the Chinese visitors.

In the morning of August 24th, the US-China Exchange Association held a seminar on "Financing in the US Capital Market" in Manhattan. Mr. Adam Friedman, President of Adam Friedman Associates, LLC, talked with the Chinese attendees on the ways of using US capital market. In the afternoon, the Chinese delegates visited Kelly Drye & Warren LLP in the Manhattan. It is one of the largest law firms in the US. Ms. Siobhan McClear and Mr. Jacob Frohman, Senior Attorney of Kelly Drye & Warren LLP, as well as Mr. Michael Goldberg, a Wall Street Financial Expert talked to the Chinese delegation.

In addition, the delegations also visited Washington DC and Los Angeles.