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US Trade Mission Visited Zhuzhou

Arranged by US-China Exchange Association, US trade mission members visited Zhuzhou City of Hunan Province to attend 2003 US-China Business Building (Zhuzhou) Conference, which was organized jointly by USCEA and Zhuzhou High Tech Development Zone.

Deputy Mayor Weigang Yang met the delegation during the conference, and introduced the US visitors the business environment of Zhuzhou City. The leading companies in Zhuzhou City enthusiastically attended the meetings with US companies. Zhuzhou Metal Group Corp and Zhuzhou New Materials Group Corp signed cooperation agreements with US trade mission members.

During their stay in Zhuzhou, US trade mission members also visited several major companies in Zhuzhou area, including Southern Motor Corp, Galhuipe Corp, Liyu Industrial Park, Jinde Corp, Southern Valve Corp, and New Time Materials Corp. US company executives were deeply impressed by the development potentials that were demonstrated by the visited Chinese companies.

Zhuzhou Municipal Government greatly appreciated USCEA for organizing this successful event, and would like to hold a similar conference every year in the future.