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USCEA Organized Chinese Business Delegation to visit Australia

From October18 through October 23, 2006, the Chinese Business Delegation of 20 entrepreneurs led by Mr. Su Pengpai, Director of USCEA, visited Australia at the invitation of Aust-China Business Connection for one week.

Australia possesses abundant natural resources, well developed economy and advanced technology while China has a large population, a huge market and tremendous development potential. Both countries' economy are complementary each other. At present, the cooperation fields are still expanding with an unprecedented speed, ranging from e-commerce, intellectual property, food safety to public sanity.

In April of 2006, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao paid a formal visit to Australia. When Premier Wen met with Mr. Marie Bashir, the Governor of New South Wales (NSW), he said that the New South Wales is the largest state in Australia and Sydney is the center of Australia's economy, finance, culture, education, science and technology. China and Australia should enhance the cooperation fields in the trade, investment, High-tech, biological science, culture and education. Premier Wen also hopes the NSW will play a more active role in the cooperation with China in the future. Governor Marie Bashir said that the rapid development of China's economy will bring vast opportunities for NSW. So NSW Government attaches great importance to the partnership with China and is willing to extend mutual cooperation with China.

Therefore, to follow up Premier Wen for pushing forward Sino-Australian cooperation, USCEA took initiative to organize the Chinese Business Delegation to visit Australia. The Chinese companies come from Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong Province, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Sichuan and Fujian Provinces and many industrial fields, such as auto parts, machinery, medical appliance, textiles, arts and crafts etc.

In Sidney, the New South Wales Government and local enterprises warmly welcomed the delegation. Dr. Henry Tsang, Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier on Trade and Investment, Mr. Charlton Lok, Deputy Chairman to Australian Council of Chinese Organizations as well as more than 30 Australian enterprises attended the event. Among others, Fujian Chang Le Jinzhou Crafts Co., Ltd, Shanghai Benda Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd, Sichuan HuiLi Tools Co., Ltd and Shandong Medical Equipment Ltd reached agreements on commerce and trade with Australian counterparts.

Moreover, the Chinese Business Delegation also visited Canberra, the capital of Australia and Melbourne, the center of Australia's commerce and trade. During their visit in Melbourne, Dr. Che Sam Lo, President of Victoria Federation of Chinese Association also met with the delegation.