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2006 Sino-Canada Business Matchmaking (Drummondville) Conference

Co-organized by US-China Exchange Association and Drummondville Municipal Government, Canada, the 2006 Sino-Canada Business Matchmaking (Drummondville) Conference was held in Drummondville on May 9, 2006. This is also the first time for USCEA to host the Sino-Canada Business Matchmaking Conference in Canada.

Ms. Francine Ruest Jutras, the Mayor of Drummondville City, and Mr. Martin Dupont, the Chief Administrative Officer of Drummondville Economic Development Authority, as well as 82 Canadian local enterprises coming from Drummondville and Montreal regions attended this conference.

30 distinguished Chinese entrepreneurs attended the Drummondville Conference, representing the key enterprises from China's most developed regions such as Zhejiang Province, Shanghai, Jiangsu Province and Guangdong Province. They all have strong intents to cooperate with Canadian counterparts in investment and trade, ranging from textiles, machinery, electronics, electric appliance, opticalelectronic technology, auto parts, construction materials, hardware, international trade, financing to real estate industries. On the conference, both the Chinese and Canadian enterprises held talks in an exciting atmosphere. For example, 5 couples of Chinese and Canadian enterprises including Shanghai Lanri Enterprise Development Co.,Ltd and Ningbo Precise Machinery Co., Ltd, reached cooperation agreements, involving 15 million US dollars.

The successful holding of the conference benefits a lot from the close cooperation between USCEA and Drummondville Economic Development Authority. Before the conference, Mr. Martin Dupont, the Chief Administrative Officer of Drummondville Economic Development Authority, made a special trip to Shanghai to exchange ideas with USCEA on the successful matchmaking for Chinese and Canadian attendees. Moreover, all the cooperation intents from the Chinese attendees had been amended for many times so that the Canadian attendees might have a deep understanding of the cooperation intents from their Chinese counterparts before the conference. These efforts greatly improve the matchmaking accuracy for both Chinese and Canadian attendees. On the conference, most Chinese attendees successfully held talks with more than 2 Canadian matchmaking companies. As a result, they made high remarks on the business strengths of their Canadian counterparts, noting that the Drummondville Conference is the most effective conference among all the conferences they have attended abroad and hoping that USCEA may hold more these conferences in the near future.

After the conference, the hosts arranged business tours for the Chinese Business Delegation to some famous Canadian cities like Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.