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2006 US-China Business Matchmaking (Shanghai) Conference

The 2006 US-China Business Matchmaking (Shanghai) Conference was held in Shanghai Galaxy Hotel on May 22, 2006.

The Conference was attended by Mr. Alain de Sarran, Deputy Director of East Asia and Pacific Office of US DOC, Dr. George Wang, the President of US-China Exchange Association, Ms. Melody Cooper, Chair, Int'l Committee of NLC, and Vice Mayor of Corpus Christie City, TX, Ms. Patti York, Mayor of City of St. Charles, Missouri, and President of Missouri Municipal League, Mr. E.W. Cromartie, Mayor Pro Tam, Columbia, South Carolina, Ms. Veronica Airey-Wilson, Deputy Mayor of Hartford, Connecticut, Mr. Ted Ellis, Mayor of Bluffton, Indiana, Mr. Doug Linkhart, Representative of Mayor, Councilman at-Large of Denver, Colorado, and Ms. Daisy W. Lynum, Representative of Mayor, Commissioner of Orlando Council, Florida. They led a business delegation of more than 60 US entrepreneurs or the executives to attend this conference with hundreds of cooperation projects.

Mr. Kasoff, the Principal Commercial Officer, US Consulate General in Shanghai, also attended the conference to give a briefing and met with the US attendees.

Other distinguished Chinese attendees include Mr. Li Fengting, the Special Commissioner for Eastern China Area, Ministry of Commerce of P.R. China, Mr. He Weiwen, the Former Commerce Counselor, Chinese Consulate General in New York, 8 local governments leaders from Shi Zuishan Municipal Government, Ningxia Autonomous Region, Taizhou Municipal Government, Zhejiang Province, and other areas, as well as more than 600 Chinese entrepreneurs.

Mr. Alain de Sarran hopes the US-China Matchmaking Conference may work as a platform for the US-Sino trade and economic exchanges and help more US companies to find their ideal Chinese cooperative partners.

Meanwhile, Mr. Li Fengting, on behalf of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, also extended a warm welcome to the US delegation that came from far to China. He introduced the economic achievements and strengths of the Yangtze Delta with Shanghai as a core. He hoped the US investors with advanced technology and managerial expertise may take the opportunity to invest in this area and bring their strengths into full play in the new rising industries. The first US-China Business Matchmaking Conference was held in Shanghai in 2001 and now it is the 6th time for Shanghai to hold the conference. The annual US-China Business Matchmaking Conference has become a significant activity that has gained strong supports from both countries' federal/central governments. The conference has brought the mutual exchanges and collaborations between the two peoples. At last, he again welcomed more US enterprises to come to the Yangtze Delta Area and cooperate with local Chinese counterparts in the field of trade, technology and investment.

On the afternoon one-on-one matchmaking conference, more than 60 US corporate executives successfully held meetings with their Chinese counterparts from 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China. Both parties had made agreements on more than 60 potential cooperation projects, involving USD $75 million.

During this conference, three pairs of American and Chinese cities signed cooperation agreements with each other to establish a long-term economic cooperation relationship. They are: Shi Zuishan City, Ningxia Autonomous Region vs. Orlando City, Florida, Luqiao District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province vs. Columbia City, South Carolina, Wanzai County, Jiangxi Province vs. City of St. Charles, Missouri.

Meanwhile, USCEA also held the Australia-China Matchmaking (Shanghai) Conference simultaneously, which was attended by more than 20 Australian companies.