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Dr. George Wang Being Invited to Attend the 7th Western China Expo

Hosted by Western China Development Office of the State Council, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and Sichuan Provincial Government, and co-organized by US-China Exchange Association, the 7th Western China Expo was held in Chengdu New International Convention Center on May 25, 2006.

Ms. Wu Yi, Chinese Vice Premier attended the opening ceremony and delivered an important speech. Dr. George Wang, the President of USCEA, Mr. Alain De Sarran, Deputy Director of East Asia and Pacific Office of US DOC and 7 US mayors were also invited to attend the opening ceremony on the rostrum.

According to Ms. Wu, China is experiencing an important period when all the Chinese people are striving to build a well-off society and push forward the modernization drive. Thus, the Development of Western China is entering a new historic stage since the economy in this area is undergoing a sustainable, rapid, sound and coordinative growth. These trends will surely attract more and more investors and other business people both at home and abroad to gain more business opportunities in this area. Also she hopes by this Expo people both at home and abroad may have a better and deeper understanding of the Western China so that more Chinese enterprises in this area will have the cooperative opportunities with their counterparts all over the world.

According to Mr. Zhang Xuezhong, the Provincial Party Secretary of Sichuan Province, the Western China Expo has been successfully held for six times. It is a window through which Sichuan and Western China may further their drive of opening to the outside world and expand their development. The GDP of Sichuan Province has experienced a constant and rapid growth in the past five years. And 114 foreign companies listed in the World Top 500 have already established their offices in Sichuan. The promising prospect for Sichuan will bring more precious development opportunities to the foreign companies.

The industries involved in this expo include real estate, modern traffic, medical hygiene, traveling culture, cuisine, investment financing, vogue and education. The sum of the attendees reach more than 200 thousand people, including 3000 people from more than 50 countries and regions and 15,000 people from more than 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China. The expo consists of US-China Business Matchmaking Conference, South East Asia Business Cooperation Conference, International Travel & Culture Recommendation Conference and so on. Among these conferences, US-China Business Matchmaking Conference, co-organized by USCEA, China Council for Promotion of International Trade Sichuan Brunch and Sichuan Provincial Investment Promotion Bureau, has been listed as one of the most important activities during the Western China Expo.