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2006 US-China Business Matchmaking (Harbin) Conference

Hosted by USCEA, Heilongjiang Provincial Government, US National League of Cities, and co-organized by Heilongjiang Investment Promotion Bureau and Manhattan Multi-Line Group, the 2006 US-China Business Matchmaking (Harbin) Conference was held in Harbin, Capital City of Heilongjiang Province on May 28, 2006.

The Conference was attended by Mr. Alain de Sarran, Deputy Director of East Asia and Pacific Office of US DOC, six US mayors from the cities of various states as well as nearly 30 US entrepreneurs. The Chinese attendees include Mr. Wang Limin, Vice Governor of Heilongjiang Province and other provincial leaders from Heilongjiang Provincial Development and Reform Committee and Heilongjiang Provincial Investment Promotion Bureau.

At the conference, the officials from Heilongjiang Investment Promotion Bureau made a key introduction of the development programs, industrial layout and the preferential investment policies of the Hadaqi Industrial Corridor in Heilongjiang Province. He noted that Hadaqi boats a large coverage of alkaline land, a powerful industrial basis, an abundant resources of science & technology, talents, education and energy sources. Meanwhile, the Heilongjiang Provincial Government has also made a series of preferential investment policies to attract foreign investments into Hadaqi. Therefore, all the above strengths have made Hadaqi an ideal place for FDI.

With the introduction, the US SME entrepreneurs took a great interest in conducting business in this area in the areas of timber processing & purchasing, environmental protection, power station facilities, auto parts, printing facilities and machinery manufacturing. At this matchmaking conference, 5 local Heilongjiang enterprises sighed LOI with their American counterparts and 20 local Chinese enterprises made agreements on further cooperation with the US companies, covering the projects such as funds, financing, real estate, medical treatment, culture, machinery and agricultural product processing.

During the conference, Mr. Zhang Zuoyi, the Governor of Heilongjiang Province, also met with Mr. Alain de Sarran, Dr. George Wang, the President of USCEA, and the US mayors and gave high remarks on the successful holding of the matchmaking conference.

Holding in the most influential cities in both China and USA in turn every year, the US-China Business Matchmaking Conference has become an important annual economic exchange event for both countries. Since 2001 the conferences have been successfully held in the cities in China such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, Jinan, Qingdao, Changsha and Nanning and the US cities such as New York, LA and Boston. Now this is the first time for the matchmaking conference to be held in the northeast part of China, which demonstrates that this area, with its unique geographical and resource strengths, is arousing more and more interests and enthusiasm from the American merchants to investors in this region.