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LA Chief Executive Autonovich met with Chinese Entrepreneur Delegation

On December 16, 2005, Mr. Michael Antonovich, the Supervisor and Chief Executive of Los Angeles County, met with David Cheng, Director of USCEA LA Office, Frank Cao, Chief Representative of USCEA China Office, and other members of Chinese Entrepreneur Delegation.

Los Angeles County, the largest one among six Counties in the California State, contains 88 cities including city of Los Angeles. Mr. Antonovich, prior to be the LA Chief, was Chairman of Republican Party of California, and his political influence is considered only after Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the current Governor of California State.

During the meeting, Mr. Autonovich introduced the visitors about county of LA. As the trade center of Western America, LA maintains a very close business and trade relation with China. With its very ideal business environment, comfortable climate, and superior geographic location, Los Angeles is a primary investment destination for Chinese companies. In addition, Los Angeles County can provide many services for Chinese companies that will invest in Los Angeles.

Chinese Entrepreneurs also shared their cooperative intentions with US counterparts with the LA Chief and asked many questions that are related to their business cooperation plans. Mr. Antonovich promised he would pass those business cooperative plans to the relevant parties in Los Angeles and wish the cooperation between the Chinese companies and LA business communities will be successful. In the end, on behalf of Los Angeles County government, Mr. Antonovich awarded each member of the delegation "Friendly Visiting Certificate".