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2005 US-China Business MatchmakingConference (Nanning)

Co-organized by USCEA, Guangxi Investment Promotion Bureau, and International Business daily of China Department of commerce, the 2005 US-China Business Matchmaking (Nanning) Conference was held in Nanning, Capital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, from Jun 22nd through 25th 2005.

The conference received congratulation letters from Mr. Craig Allen, Minister-Counselor in Commerce of US Embassy in China, Mr. William Spitler, Director of New York Office of US DOC and Mr. Jin Xu, Deputy Director General of Department of American and Oceanian Affairs Ministry of Commerce of PR China. Due to the 2005 Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade Meeting in Beijing in Early July, they were unable to participate as planned.

The US Business Delegation includes: 5 US City Mayors led by William Hudnut, former US Congressman and past president of US National League of Cities, Dr. George Wang, President of USCEA, and over 30 US company executives, which had strong intentions of cooperation with Chinese Enterprises. On the other side, 10 Chinese City Mayors and over 300 Chinese entrepreneurs led by Ms. Liu Xinwen, Vice Chairman of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Mr. Zhang Zhendong, Director General of Guangxi Investment Promotion Bureau, and Mr. He Weiwen, former Chinese Commercial Counselor in New York and San Francisco.

In the afternoon of Jun 22nd, Ms. Liu welcomed the US business delegation and hosted a banquet in the honor of the US guests.

In the morning of Oct 23rd, Ms. Liu briefed the US guests on the economic development of Guangxi and trade between Guangxi and US at the opening ceremony of 2005 US-China Business Matchmaking (Nanning) Conference. After that, the 10 Chinese City Mayors signed Business Cooperation Agreements with 5 US Cities as follows:

Qinzhou City and Shangsi County with City of Burbank, CA
Laibin City and Wuzhou City with City of Emeryville, CA
Yulin City and Hezhou City with City of Maysville, KY
Hechi City and Baise City with City of Chevy Chase, MD
Fangcheng City and Chongzuo City with City of Roanoke, VA
Both sides believed that the signing of the Business Cooperation Agreements be a sound foundation for further economy cooperation between China and USA at city levels After the signing ceremony, Mr. Zhang zhendong delivered a keynote speech to US guests, introducing the geographic and industrial advantages of Guangxi, and its investment environment. And Ms. He Weiwen also pointed out that the cooperation between two countries' cities and small business enterprises had an important impact on both sides.

In the afternoon of Jun 23rd, the matchmaking conference started in the heated trade talk between US companies and Chinese enterprises. The conference was successful and productive. Many Chinese enterprises signed Letter of Intention with their US Partner in those projects such as Real Estate Development, Software, and Hi-tech cooperation.

On Jun 24th, US Business Delegation visited Nanning Hi-tech Development Zone. Mr. Todd Campbell and other two US City Mayor went to visit the cities that signed business cooperation agreements with them. By inspecting the economic development there, they were all impressed by the immense market of Guangxi and were confident of the prospective future of their cooperation.

The conference in Nanning is a great success. It's the biggest US Business Delegation that has ever come to Nanning to have trade talks with Enterprises in Guangxi. And it's also the first time that cities in Guangxi have ever signed such business cooperation agreements with US cities.