Previous Events

2003 US-China Business Matchmaking Conference in Shanghai

Invited by USCEA, Deputy Assistant Secretary of US Department of Commerce, 14 US city mayors, about 50 US company executives and more than 1100 Chinese government officials and company executives attended 2003 Business Matchmaking Conference, which was successfully held in Shanghai Galaxy Hotel from November 3 through November 5, 2003.

The conference was co-organized by USCEA, US Department of Commerce, US National League of Cities and 8 Chinese municipal governments. Ms. Heping Jian, Deputy Commissioner of Shanghai Municipal Foreign Trade Commission, on behalf of the local host, Shanghai Municipal Government, greeted the attendees of the event.

Mr. Bruce Blakeman, Deputy Assistant Secretary of US DOC, delivered keynote speech at the conference. He praised highly for the taking place of the forum as a timely event at a critical moment of US-China trade relationship. Mr. Charles Lyons, First Vice President (year 2004 President) of US National League of Cities (NLC), delivered a keynote speech at the 2003 US-China City Business Cooperation Forum as well, and applauded for signing of cooperation agreement for 7 pairs of US and Chinese cities. Mr. Jerry Shaye, Director of International Trade Development of New York State and Ms. Julia Miller, Mayor of Sunnyvale of Silicon Valley of California also delivered theme speech on behalf of US metropolitan areas and medium and small sized cities, respectively.

During the conference, USCEA and Zhejiang TV jointly produced a special TV program: US-China Mayors' Dialogue. Mr. Bruce Blakeman, Deputy Assistant Secretary of US DOC, 14 US city mayors and 14 Chinese city mayors participated in the program. Mayors from both countries shared their views with each other regarding the issues of economic development and city management.

The matchmaking conference was held on November 4. More than 1100 Chinese attendees attended the conference to meet with about 70 US attendees. As a preliminary estimate, about 100 Letters of Intent on Cooperation were signed at the spot with total potential contract value more than USD $95 million.

During the 2003 US-China Business Building Conference, Dr. Spelman, Council General of US Consulate General in Shanghai, came to Galaxy Hotel to meet with US city mayors, company executives and USCEA leaders, and praised highly for the taking place of the conference as well.

The US delegation visited Beijing, after successfully accomplishing its mission in Shanghai, on November 7. Mr. Ping Yu, Executive Vice President of Chinese International Chamber of Commerce and Chinese Council for Promoting International Trade and Mr. Jinghua Wang, Director General of Department of America & Oceania Affairs of Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries met with Dr. George Wang, President of USCEA and US Mayors' Delegation led by Charles Lyons, First Vice President of US National League of Cities, respectively, during their stay in Beijing.