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City Cooperation Agreement Signed by Seven Pairs of US & Chinese Cities

On November 4, 2003, seven pairs of US and Chinese cities signed business cooperation agreement at the 2003 US-China City Business Cooperation Forum as the first group of US and Chinese cities to set up cooperation relationships with the program. They are: Sunnyvale of California vs. Anqing of Anhui, Mount Sereno of California vs. Xingxiang of Henan, Dublin of California vs. Jiaojiang of Zhejiang Taizhou, Lauderhill of Florida vs. Guangrao of Shandong, Mountain View of California vs. Jiande of Zhejiang, Norwood of Massachusetts vs. Wucheng of Shandong, Augusta of Georgia vs. Lanxi of Zhejiang.

USA is the largest developed country, and China is the largest developing country in the world. Business cooperation between the two countries is complementary and with great potentials. For promoting the exchanges between the US and Chinese medium and small sized cities, improving the mutual understanding with each other, and helping develop the local economy, USCEA, US-China Economic Cooperation Organization and US National League of Cities jointly initiated US-China City Cooperation Program.

Mayor Julia Miller of Sunnyvale, California and Mayor Duwen Zhu of Anqing were signing the agreement.

Mayor David Baxter of Monte Sereno, California and Mayor Tianjun Wu of Xingxiang were signing the agreement.

Mayor R. Michael Kasperzak of Mountain View, California and Mayor Jun Yang of Jiande were signing the agreement.

Mayor Janet Lockhart of Dublin, California and Mayor Min Gao of Jiaojiang were signing the agreement.

Mayor Robert Young of Augusta, Georgia and Vice Mayor Ziyu Ye of Lanxi were signing the agreement.

Mayor Richard J. Kaplan of Lauderhill, Florida and Mayor Chunfu Xu of Guangrao were signing the agreement.

Mayor William J. Plasko of Norwood, Mass. and Mayor Yuwen Li of Wucheng were signing the agreement.