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US Delegation Visits Shanghai Jinshan District

Arranged by USCEA, about 60 US visitors including 14 US city mayors and about 50 US company executives visited Shanghai Jinshan District to investigate the business environment there on November 5, 2003.

Jinshan is the largest district in Shanghai in terms of land, with rich under-developed soil resources and abundant human resources with competitive labor costs. Jinshan is also the important chemical industrial base of Shanghai. Chinese chemical conglomerate, Shanghai Oil and Chemical Corporation, is headquartered in this area.

As the center of Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo and Zhoushan Islands economic area, Jinshan's geographical advantages is expected to be further highlighted, when the cross bay bridge of Hangzhou is completed. Currently, Shanghai manufacturing industries are moving out of urban districts to suburban areas including Jinshan. It provides Jinshan with an unique opportunity to upgrade its industrial structure and relocate their resources.

As Jinshan government understood, business environment is critical for attracting foreign business partners, in particular, for foreign direct investment. Innovation and credibility are becoming the two major areas that Jinshan intends to build up its brands for attracting the enormous business opportunities from overseas.

During US delegation's visit in Jinshan, Deputy Executive Xinagchao Wu hosted a Jinshan Business Environment Briefing, and accompanied the delegation to have site visits in Jinshan Silver Dragon Vegetable Processing Factory, Auto Manufacturing Company, and Jinshan Modern Agriculture Garden. CCP Secretary Jinshen Li also met with US delegation.