Leading Entrepreneurs

Chen Miaolin---President of the New Century Tourism Group

Mr. Chen Miaolin works as the president of the New Century Tourism Group. With his unique managerial expertise, he is the first entrepreneur of the Chinese private enterprises to establish the chain management style of five-star hotels. Meanwhile, he takes the initiative to establish the yacht villa hotel in China.

The New Century Tourism Group is a renowned, fully reinforced and large-sized enterprise group with the hotel industry as its leading business, the real estate industry as pillar one, and the building material industry and others as rising industries. The total value of NCTG's assets has reached three billion yuan. Presently, NCTG has more than 30 subordinate enterprises in Hangzhou, Ningbo, Taizhou, Shanghai, Xuzhou and Kaifeng. It is one of China's Top 500 Non-state-owned Enterprises, China's Top 20 Hotel Groups and China's Top 500 Real Estate Developers.

In the course of its growth, NCTG has establishes its mission of Providing China's Quality Services for Happy Life. Since its startup as a county governmental guesthouse in 1988, NCTG, with its operation philosophy of "reate Our Features to Erect a Famous Brand; Pay Attention to Customers and Serve Them Heart and Soul"as well as its activities principle of "Be Diligent and Precise; Try to Be the First; Love and Care" has developed over the past over 10 years into a large-sized enterprise group with a title of Brand Pioneer of China's Hotel Industry and China's Famous Tourism Brand, and China's Top Ten City Operators (Hangzhou) and Hangzhou Top Ten Real Estate Developers.

Looking forward to the future, NCTG has prepared its development strategy - "Relying on NCTG's Comprehensive Platform for Management and Investment & Financing, run the hotel industry as its leading trade by molding a prevailing brand and conducting chain operations; actively develop the real estate industry to form NCTG's competitive characteristics in this industry; guide and hatch related industries, and strengthen advantages of industries combination to build a linkage industrial development system" overall devoting itself to development of chain operation, continual growth of the real estate industry, and breakthrough of rising industries concerned.

To become a large-sized, supereminent, modern corporation able to operate sustainably is NCTG's long-term vision, which is also the direction toward which the 7000 New Century people exert themselves.