Leading Entrepreneurs

Wang Huiyuan--- General Manager of Inner Mongolia Tiexin Coal Group

Mr. Wang Huiyuan, born in February 1950, works as the General Manager of Inner Mongolia Tiexin Coal Group and the President of Inner Mongolia Steel Co., Ltd.

With his great efforts and effective leadership, the Inner Mongolia Tiexin Coal Group has developed into one of the 60 strongest enterprises in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region since its establishment in the year of 1995. In 2003, Mr. Wang Huiyuan was renowned as "the Outstanding Chinese Entrepreneur" by the China Enterprise League and the China Entrepreneurs Association. Meanwhile, he has been elected as the deputy to the people's congress of Baotou City as well as the Chairman of the Industrial and Commercial League of Jiuyuan District, Baotou City.

With the motto of "Being innovative, honesty, harmonious and pragmatic", Mr. Wang believes TIEXIN will have a bright future.