Leading Entrepreneurs

Chen Bin--- President of SanQing Mountain Travel Group

SanQing Mountain Travel Group is the first private-owned travel company in Jiangxi Province, consisting of SanQing Mountain Suodao Travel Co., Ltd, SanQing Mountain Tianmen Shanzhuang Co., Ltd, SanQing Mountain Hotel and Shangrao China International Travel Agency, etc. Meanwhile, the company is also engaged in real estate and film making with a total asset of 500 million RMB, investing on building a traffic hub near SanQing Mountain and a shopping pedestrian mall.

Mr. Chen Bin is the president of SanQing Mountain Travel Group. Through decades, he has great zeal in getting involved in travel undertakings, education undertakings and other social activities. Therefore, he has gained great prestige in Jiangxi. For example, he once won the prize of "the Peace Envoy of UN International Science and Peace Week", "the Outstanding Chinese Entrepreneur" and one of "the Ten Economic Luminaries in Jiangxi Province".