Leading Entrepreneurs

Zhu Dejing,the general manager of Wuhan Hi-Tech Holding Group Co., Ltd

Mr. Zhu Dejing, graduated from Wuhan Industry University, is the general manager of Wuhan Hi-Tech Holding Group Co., Ltd

In year 2001 Mr. Zhu became the president of Wuhan Donghu Hi-Tech Group Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Wuhan Hi-Tech Holding Group. After four years, he was promoted to general manager of Wuhan Hi-Tech Holding group for his longtime well performance in Wuhan Donghu. In this new position, he developed the strategy for the further development of Wuhan Hi-tech Holding Group.

Wuhan Hi-Tech Holding Group is a State-owned asset management corporation with a registered capital of RMB £§15 million and a total asset up to RMB£§96 million.

From the very beginning of Wuhan Hi-Tech Holding Group, with the ideal of "sticking to the sustainable development and establishing a vigorous and everlasting enterprise", The management have always tried their best to introduce international management methods to Chinese enterprises and set up a model for the management of modern enterprise.

Right now, the Group controls or holds shares of more than a dozen subsidiary companies, in such fields as electronic telecommunication, IT, hi-tech agriculture, traffic, energy, biology engineering and etc. As these investments are proved to be profitable, the development of the group is in a virtue circle.

In the field of electronic appliances, they emphasis on the development of the auto electronic, optical storage device, cell phone, and LCD displays
In the field of mechanical and electrical engineering, they have set up Wuhan Wolong Generating Manufactory Co., Ltd; Wuhan Blower Fan Manufacturer Co., Ltd; Wuhan Hi-tech Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd; in order to re-vigorate the machinery industry of central China area.
In the field of travel service, Wuhan Sante Ropeway Co., Ltd, innovated a new method of management, which integrated the travel estate property into the travel services, and became one of the strongest enterprises in its field
In the field of bio-medical service, Wuhan Renfu Technology Development Co Ltd has already become the largest medicine supplier for birth control system. And what is important is that it has built up a sound pharmaceutical producing and distributing system
In the field of e-business, they built up an e-business trade platform.
In other fields, the electrical bus, co-manufactured by Wuhan Electric Bus Co., Ltd and Dongfeng Motor Corporation, has been put into use in Wuhan's traffic system.

Now Wuhan Hi-Tech Holding Group is striving to build up a first-rated large-scale domestic group corporation of enterprises in the international market place.