Leading Entrepreneurs

Zhou Chengjian,Chairman of Board and President of Metersbonwe Group

Mr. Zhou Chengjian, is now the Chairman of Board and President of Metersbonwe Group. He found Metersbonwe Group in 1994. In 2003, Mr. Zhou was named as the Annual Figure of Economy of China.

Founded in 1994, Metersbonwe Group is specialized in casual wear manufacturing and retailing. Up to now, the Group consists of 11 branches in Shanghai, Wenzhou, Beijing, Hangzhou, Zhongshan, Chongqing, Chengdu, Guangzhou and other places. The number of stores has reached over 1,200 in China.

The Group was the first to adopt "Virtual Operation" business model in China's apparel industry, and to develop chain stores under the brand of Metersbonwe. In April 1995, the Group opened the first "Metersbonwe" specialty store. Persisting in "Virtual Operation" and with steady development, the Group launched the quality management project in 2001 to promote the brand quality in the whole process from brand image, product design and quality, market development, sales services to information management. Metersbonwe Group became one of the leading brands in casual wear retailers in China. In 2003, "Metersbonwe" woolen sweater was named the "Famous Brand" of China. In 2004, the brand "Metersbonwe" has been recognized as the "Most Favorite Apparel Brand to the Youth" in China. In 2005, the Group won the "Annual Sales Prize of Chinese Apparel Brand".

The Group has considered integrity as the foundation of the development all along since the establishment of the company, and won consumers' loyalty and high reputation in the industry and market. Its unique business model have also aroused people's attention in business communities:
í˝Product design & development: The Group have recruited and cultivated a world-class designing team and developed a long-term cooperation relationship with the leading designers in France, Italy and Hong Kong. It introduces over 1,500 new styles into the market annually.
í˝Production: It breaks through the traditional production pattern by introducing virtually vertical integration business model, taking full advantage of market resources and unutilized production capacity in China. The Group has established strong long-term relationship with over 200 apparel manufacturers in China, which are able to supply over 30 million pieces/sets of casual wears totally to Metersbonwe Group every year. Meanwhile, the professional Quality Inspectors strictly control quality in each process of production so as to guarantee and improve the quality.
í˝Sales: The Group takes advantage of brand influence to attract franchisees and develop the chain-store network. In addition, it provides the franchisees with the professional services such as logistic distribution, information & consultation, personnel training, etc. Metersbonwe Group shares risks with them to achieve mutual development and win-win relationship.
í˝Information management: Metersbonwe Group has developed and implemented an ERP system, linking all pcs in the end-to-end chain including design, production, logistic, management and pos so as to enable them to share internal resource and systemize management process.

Facing the future, Metersbonwe will grasp every opportunity to expedite its steady development and spare no effort to make its brand a recognized and respected one in the global apparel market.