Leading Entrepreneurs

Wang Linxiang, President of Erdos Cashmere Products Co., Ltd.

Mr. Wang Linxiang, a senior economist, was born in Baotou City in early 1950s and began to work at former Yih Ju League Cashmere Carding Mill in 1970. In 1980, he was appointed as vice director of preparation and construction guidance office of former Yih Ju League Cashmere Knitwear Factory and promoted to the deputy factory manager in 1981 and factory manager in 1983. In Oct.1995, he was appointed as chairman of the board of directors and general manager of Erdos Cashmere Products Co., Ltd.

Mr. Wang won the medal of the first class National Economic Reform Talents from the State Economic and Trade Commission in 1987, and was conferred a title of Inner Mongolia Outstanding Entrepreneur in 1988. In 1994, he was touted as one of the National Outstanding Young Entrepreneurs, and Model Worker of Inner Mongolia.

Erdos Group, with more than 20 years of high profit margin and rotation development, is a cashmere products processing firm established in 1981. Now the group, with 75 member firms, 20,000 employees, RMBŁ¤7.5 billion of total assets, and RMBŁ¤4 billion of annual sales, has become a large-sized modern corporation group. In the meantime, the group has expended from cashmere to trade, power generation, metallurgical industry and other industry lines. The group was awarded as "Magnate of Chinese Cashmere Products" by the 50th World Statistics Conference. "Erdos" was the first one which received the title of "Chinese Famous Brand" in Chinese cashmere textile industry with the brand value amounted to RMBŁ¤4.367 billion. And the brand was listed as one of the 20 most valuable brands of China in six consecutive years.

The existing annual production capacity of the group includes: 5 million pieces of cashmere garments, 1,200 tons of de-haired goats wool, 1,800 tons of cashmere yarn, 700,000 square meter of cashmere fabrics, 1 million pieces of cashmere shawl and cape, 50,000 suits of cashmere apparel, 1.1 million pieces of cashmere shirts, 600,000 pieces of worsted wool garments, 130 million pieces of Resistor, 150 million pieces of high-frequency sensor, 150 million kWh of power generation, and 135,000 tons of steam supplying.

Among its leading products: KVSS brand de-haired goats wool enjoys the good reputation of "diamond fiber". Erdos brand cashmere garments have gained the Golden Awards of Excellent Quality Products from all levels. The group possesses 40% of Chinese market share and 30% of the world market share for the cashmere products.

With advancing the technological progress, Erdos group attached great importance to products quality from the beginning to the end and enhanced products innovation and quality innovation with technological progress. Erdos gained the qualification certificate of ISO14000 international quality assurance system. "Erdos" brand pure cashmere knitting garments were evaluated as internationally "trustworthy textile products" by International Green Textile Products Ecological Inspection Association in the most recent four consecutive years.

Erdos group invested heavily in the electric power and coal industry combination project in 2003.
The electric power and coal combination project is located in Qi Panjing town, Otog Banner, and Erdos city. When the project began to construct in July 2003, the project construction is going very well under the full support of the relevant government agencies at all level.

Erdos group has formed its exquisite corporate culture during its more than twenty years of history. Twenty years passed, under the guidance and support of the grand ideal of "setting the national dignity, and developing the world famous brand" and the corporate spirit of "wisdom, bravery, pioneering, and innovation", every cause of the group have made a dramatic progress. Especially in 1999, the group reformed its ownership structure according to the domestic and foreign market changes, and an important step marched towards building modern enterprise system and legal representative managing system. Matched with the ownership system, the group conducted all-aspect and deep-rooted corporate flowing process reformation project, re-adjusted and re-arranged its development plan and strategic conception for the group's domestic and foreign trade, research development, purchasing and supplying, financial operation, enterprising development, group corporation management, corporate culture and other professional fields. The organizing framework and operation mechanism have been primarily formed to adapt the group's future development requirement based on the principle of "flat, high efficiency, and change".

After China joined WTO, with the gradual elimination of trade quota and trade barrier, it will bring unprecedented developing opportunities for Chinese textile apparel industry. Erdos will be full of confidence to meet the challenges of the new century. The strategic conception of Erdos is: to continuously reinforce its leading position in the industry-cashmere industry; to carefully explore in power generation, metallurgical industry, financial securities, capital operation and other fields; to positively nurture a few sub-industries; to try best to build Erdos group into a diversified managing and trans-national conglomerate as soon as possible; and to realize the grand blueprint of turning Erdos brand into a world famous brand.