Leading Entrepreneurs

Kwok Ho, CEO of Chaoda Modern Agriculture (Holdings) Ltd

Mr. Kwok Ho is Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, and the founder of Chaoda Modern Agriculture (Holdings) Ltd., the first Chinese agriculture company listed on the main board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, and a leading enterprise in China's agriculture sector. With over 22 years of experience in business management and commercial trading in the People's Republic of China, particularly in the areas of strategic planning, business and product development, and sales and marketing strategies, Mr. Kwok Ho oversees the formulation and deployment of the Group's strategic development.

Chaoda Modern Agriculture (Holdings) Ltd, founded in 1997, is a China-based modern agriculture enterprise engaging in the production and marketing of organic produces. Chaoda's products are both sold in domestic market and exported to Asia and Europe markets. The Company enjoys a large sales network in domestic market that includes produce wholesale markets, institutional customers and retail chain stores across the country. Chaoda has 36 production bases in 13 provinces and cities cultivating over 150 species of green and organic vegetables and fruits, with a total output of approximately 600,000 tons per year. The production strictly conforms to the standards of Chinese Green Food Development Center ("CGFDC"). The Group is also a member of International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements ("IFOAM") and Organic Food Development Center of China ("OFDC").

Since 1997, Chaoda has introduced Boer Goat from South Africa, which is one of the best goat species in the world. The Company has also provided breeding goat to hybridize with domestic species in order to reproduce better goat species and improve the quality of meat goat.

For Mr. Kwok Ho's outstanding achievement and contribution to the country's agriculture industry, development of entrepreneur spirit, and innovation, he has been acknowledged by China's business community as well as the government authorities. He has been awarded many accolades including: "Entrepreneur with Prominent Contribution to Fujian Province" in March 2004, and Honorary Doctorate in Business Administration from Australian West Coast Institute of Management & Technology in 2002.

Chaoda's goal is to maintain its leadership in China's agricultural industry for the benefit of its customers, shareholders, partners, employees, communities, and society.