Leading Entrepreneurs

Zeng Xianbing--Director of Changde Cigarette Factory

After graduation from Hunan University in June 1990, Zeng Xianbing began working in Changde Cigarette Factory, first as an electrician and finally as director in August 2000 after promoted several times.

Zeng Xianbing conducted the technical reconstruction of Furongwang (a famous brand of Changde Cigarette Factory) workshop in 1995, directed the 1-billion-yuan modernized factory reconstruction in 2000, worked out the factory's 10th five-year plan in 2000, and finally began his overall directing role in 2001. All his diligent and outstanding work kept the factory in a healthy, stable, and fast growth.

Zeng's work ranked No. 3 in Changde city's Key Projects in 1998, and Zeng himself was awarded the honors of "Excellent Leader of Quality Control", "Changde Outstanding Youth Entrepreneur", and "1999 Excellent Member of Tobacco Association".

Now Changde Cigarette Factory's sales volume reaches 1 million boxes with a yearly sales volume of 10 billion yuan. With total assets of 5 billion yuan, it has become a leading tobacco enterprise in China.