Leading Entrepreneurs

Ma Lixing--President of Shanghai Whitecat (Group) Co., Ltd.

Ma Lixing, since appointed director of Shanghai Synthetic Detergent Plant in 1990, brought the plant a four-year consecutive increase of over 100 million yuan in production value, and then became president of Shanghai Whitecat (Group) Co., Ltd. when it was jointly set up in 1993 by Shanghai Synthetic Detergent Plant, taking 66.22% stakes, and Hong Kong Sun Hung Kai company, taking the remaining stakes.

For years Ma Lixing has braved all challenges to build up Whitecat as a highly competitive company, whose sales volume hit 2 billion yuan with a total output of over 400 thousand metric tons. As more and more transnational companies and private enterprises rush into this huge Chinese market, Ma implemented his capital operation strategy through several acquisitions and mergers at the fastest speed and in the most effective way. Thus came the establishment of Whitecat (Chongqing) Co., Ltd. and Whitecat (Liaoning) Co., Ltd., both of which have lowered the overall cost of products and helped develop Southwest and Northeast markets in China.

To keep pace with the market, Ma Lixing placed great emphasis on technology. In 1997 he made the decision to invest an added 60 million yuan, on the basis of the former research institute, to build a world-class "Whitecat Center of Technology", which has developed a series of new products both independently and in collaboration with other research institutes and universities. Up to now, Whitecat has developed nearly a hundred varieties of products in six series.

With strong technological power and advanced manufacturing equipments, Whitecat took the lead in realizing automation and mechanization in detergent production, and passed ISO9001 standard. With huge output and sales volume, excellent quality, and advanced technology, Whitecat ranks Chinese Top 500 Enterprises, taking 10% market share at home and selling to countries and regions like Hong Kong, Australia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Japan, and South Pacific.