Leading Entrepreneurs

Zu Fujiang--President of Hangzhou Minsheng Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Minsheng Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., established in 1926, is one of the four earliest chemical pharmaceutical factories in China. Up to now, Minsheng has made net assets of 500 million yuan and ranked top 50 in China's pharmaceutical industry.

Zhu Fujiang entered Minsheng's managing board in 1983. And it was in 1995 that he became the president. Right after his inauguration, Zhu made an important policy on marketing system and strategy, i.e., to set up sales outlets and subsidiaries in large- and medium-sized cities nationwide. He also took reforming steps on managing system, allocation mechanism, and personnel system, all of which have constituted an even basis for Minsheng's modernized enterprise system.

Apart from managing factors, Zhu Fujiang has also laid great emphasis on products. He highlighted R&D and technological input, resulting in quality and diversification. Through years of development, its products are able to compete in various marketplaces, with market share greatly enhanced. Presently, Minsheng mainly produce four major categories of products: cardiovascular, anti-tumor, alimentary canal, and multidimensional element. Eight dosage forms obtained national GMP certificate. Minsheng's workshops has passed FDA authentication as well, which ensures direct access to US and European markets. The international competitiveness is intensified likewise.

As the outcome of Zhu's fruitful work, Minsheng has realized its development strategy defined as "high starting point, unconventionality, and leaping process". It owns 8 branches and subsidiaries, with annual sales volume hitting 800 million yuan. As a result, Minsheng is pointed as the pharmaceutical research and production base by Zhejiang provincial and Hangzhou municipal governments. Zhu Fujing himself is hailed as one of the top ten reformers in Zhejiang province.