Leading Entrepreneurs

Nan Cunhui--President of Chint Group Corporation

Nan Cunhui, president of Chint Group Corporation, is hailed as "Chinese Management Master". Awarded "2002 Notable Person of China's Economy" and ranking 58th in Forbes "China's Top 100 Richest Entrepreneurs in 2002", he covers quite a wide range of honors.

In 1984, Nan set up a switch plant named Qiujing Switches in Yueqing County, Zhejiang Province. Then in 1991, he established the Sino-US joint venture Wenzhou Chint Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. Later in 1994 Nan initiated Chint Group Corporation, whose transformation to a joint stock system and asset restructuring started in 1996.

Headquartered in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, Chint Group is one of the China's largest manufacturers of industrial electrical appliances, which cover high and low voltage electrical appliances, power transmission and distribution equipments, measuring meters and instruments, telecommunication equipments, automobile appliances and construction appliances. Chint, with total assets of 1.7 billion yuan, has six specialized branches, more than 50 holding companies and over 800 specialized cooperative partners. It owns 1020 outlets in China and boasts its 5 branches and over 30 general agents abroad, all of which make Chint the largest in China's low-voltage electrical appliance industry, ranking 8th of China's top 100 private enterprises. Its trademark "CHINT" is granted "National Top Trademark" by China State Administration of Industry and Commerce.

Sticking to the "Harmonious, Scientific, Practical, and Innovative" principle, Nan is doing his utmost, leading his enterprise on the road to greater success.