Leading Entrepreneurs

Lou Zhongfu--Chairman of board of directors of Guangsha Group

Lou Zhongfu, a Dongyang native of Zhejiang Province, was appointed in 1984 General Manager of Dongyang Chengguan Construction Company, whose fixed assets amounted to only hundreds of thousand yuan. It was exactly Lou's strong leadership and wise policies in the past 20 years that developed the once small construction company into a large-scale conglomerate - China Guangsha Holding Co., Ltd., featuring an astounding 50% year-on-year increase. In 2002, Lou ranked 58th in Forbes "China's Top 100 Richest Entrepreneurs".

China Guangsha Holding Co., Ltd. is the largest construction enterprise in China rising in the upsurge of reform. With construction and real estate as its dominant industries, and property right as the next, it consists of 58 member enterprises subordinate to seven large enterprise groups, i.e., Guangsha Construction, Guangsha House Property, Zhejiang Guangsha, Guangsha Investment, Guangsha Tourism, Guangsha Media, and Guangsha International. It has a staff of more than 30 thousand and total enterprise assets of over 10 billion yuan. In 2001, the enterprise fulfilled a total production value of 6.35 billion yuan, realized gross investments of 2.5 billion yuan and paid taxes of over 200 million yuan.

With its head office set up in Hangzhou, Guangsha Holding Co., Ltd. has spread its markets to over 28 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and special administrative regions throughout the country. It has five subsidiaries enjoying foreign trade rights. It sets up branches and business bases in more than 10 countries and regions such as Jordan, Kuwait, Namibia, Madagascar, Singapore, the US and Russia. And with an emphasis on dominant industries, it varies its industrial structure through the expansion in tourism, hydropower, finance and cultural media, in which way a variety of points of growth come into being.

By breathing in outstanding talents, Lou Zhongfu and his Guangsha people are braving all challenges in the international arena and heading for an internationalized consortium.