Leading Entrepreneurs

Tang Min-Feilo Acoustics Co., Ltd., Shanghai

Mr. Tang Min was born in April 1956 in Shanghai. As a Senior Economist, he ever worked as Vice General Manager of Shanghai Shuixian Electric Appliances Co., Ltd., Vice General Manager of Shanghai TV & Broadcast Co., Ltd., Vice General Manager of China Hi-Tech Group Co., Ltd., and General Manager of Shanghai Shangling Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. Now Mr. Tang is President of Feilo Acoustics Co., Ltd.

Having worked for a long time in managing boards of listed companies, Mr. Tang has rich experience in listed companies' restructuring of industries and assets. He played a key role in Shuixian's and China Hi-Tech's listing, participated in Shanghai TV & Broadcast's and Shangling's major assets restructuring, and took part in Shangling's IPO. He highlights market- and human-oriented management principle and thus strengthens the company's comprehensive competitiveness.

Established in October 1984, Feilo Acoustics Co., Ltd. is China's first listed company, whose industry line covers IC card application software and system integration, multimedia network and remote monitoring system, IC card and intelligent terminals, electronic and digital products, and lighting products. The company has 2128 staff and total assets of 1.54 bn yuan.