Leading Entrepreneurs

Zong Qinghou-President of Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co., Ltd.

Hanghzou Wahaha Group Co, Ltd, the leading beverage producer in China, has totally 36 subsidiary companies covering 16 provinces or cities. It has around 10 thousand employees, with a total assets fo гд4.4 billion. The modern plants of the group have an occupation of land of more than 1800 Mu, with 500 thousand building area. It has over 60 world-class automatic production lines, whose value is over $ 300 million, thus it forms the productin capacity of 2.5 million tons per year with the accessory canning, bottling and capping lines. The company product category contains more than 30 varieties, such as milk drinks, drinking water, carbonated drinks, tea drinks, canning food and health care products. During the past 13 years of the company, it created гд4.65 billion profit and tax for the country, among which the amount of tax is 1.6 billion. The accumulated sales revenue reaches гд22.68 billion, especially during the period of the "ninth-five-year" plan, its sales revenue reached гд16.03 billion, 70.7% of the total. In 2000, it produces 2.24 million tons of beverage with a sales revenue of гд5.4 billion and 1.27billion profit and tax. It accounts for 15% of the total beverage production of the country, and 37% of the "leading-10-beverage-producers".

The company has been in the leading position of total assets, total production, sales revenue, profit and profit and tax in China for several years, which ensures its first place in the beverage industry in China.

The sales of the main products of the company, such as milk drinks, purified water and mixed congee has also ranked first in China for several years, especially the production and sales of milk drinks and bottled water can even compete with big corporations of the world. In 1998, the "Future" series carbonated drinks were pushed to the market to compete with foreign brands, and the "own cola of Chinese" has been a typical model.

The development of Wahaha has been highly valued by the society and the nation, thus the company is ranked as one of the "520 Key Corporations of the Nation" by the State Department, and it also won many other honors, such as "the National Quality Benefit Corps", "Outstanding Contribution of Management of Chinese Corps", and so on. At the same time, the brand "Wahaha" also becomes one of the resounding brand names of the nation.