Leading Entrepreneurs

Leo S. Young -- President & CEO of Infotech Essentials, Inc.

Mr. Young is an entrepreneur with a successful business record:

Prior to founding InfoTech Solars, Inc., he was the founder and CEO of InfoTech Essentials Inc., a leading energy-saving technology company in China. Under his leadership, InfoTech has developed a business model which are proven successful: InfoTech enjoys 2 to 3 times sustainable rapid growth in three consecutive years, and enables InfoTech's brand name to become number one in energy-saving industry. Mr. Young's other business track records include;

From 1999-2000, Mr. Young was the co-founder and CEO of TaoStar International, Inc., an internet gaming company;

1997-1999, Founder and CEO of Silicon Valley Computer Graphics, Cupertino, CA.

1996 - 1998, founder and publisher of New ChineseAmericans magazine. Chicago, Illinois.

1993 - 1995, co-founder of VictorMaxx Technologies, Inc., a virtual reality gaming company, Chicago, Illinois.

1989 - 1995, founder and president of Innovative Publishing Graphics, Inc., Chicago, Illinois.
Mr. Young is a strong advocate of clean energy in the US. He was one of the senior members of California trade delegation to China in 2005, headed by governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Mr. Young holds an MBA from Fordham University, New York (2005); an MA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (1985); and a BA from Tsinghua University of Beijing (1982).