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Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Area

Environment Advantage

HEDA was ratified by the State Council in 4, 1993 as a national-grade development zone, and exercises jurisdiction over an area of 104.7 km2. Currently 34 km2 of that has been equipped with complete infrastructure, beautiful environment, convenient supporting facilities and efficient and canonical government services. It was once assessed as the best one among 75 Chinese municipal development zones by Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), and the best development zone for transnational investments jointly by United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and other organizations.

In accordance with its strategy "construct a cosmopolitan city, make a new heaven", the eastern area of Hangzhou Municipality of 178 km2, with HEDA as its center, shall be built into a sub-center of Hangzhou Municipality (Xiasha New Town). The construction aims to building up an ecological garden-like modern new town where administrative business, educational technologies and living and residence are incorporated into, with high-and-new technological industries and advanced manufacturing functioning as the basis.

Geographic Location

HEDA is located in eastern Hangzhou Municipality, on the lower reach of Qiantang River, and in south wing of Hangzhou Wing. It is one of the three sub-centers in "one main city, three sub cities", at a same distance from Shanghai, Suzhou, Shaoxing and Ningbo. The would-be CBD-Qianjiang New Town is only 20 minutes' ride away from here. (When, in 2008, the Riverside Avenue undertakes thorough transport service)

Natural Environment

HEDA is situated in a riverside alluvial plain, most of which is reclamation land and saline-alkali land. It is even, and the elevation is 4.5 to 5.5 meters and altitude 5.1 to 5.9 meters.

Transportation and Communications

In recent years, the city is diligently practicing the strategy" Riverside Development ,Across-River Growth, Eastward expansion", and further accelerating the construction of a range of significant transportation facilities, through which a multi dimensional communication network is finished, and xiasha New city and the main city join up perfectly

Present Turnpike Road

Kenshan East Road joins the western city, down town areas,and extends to Xiasha, the Xiasha section has been thoroughly renovated, and the new hub follows the latest road construction standards and is broadened to two-way six to eight lanes.

Most Fascinating Turnpike Rood

Riverside Avenue section in HEDA on north side of Qiantang River, with a span of 12 km, has been completed and put into operation, which is vital to connecting various sections of HEDA to Qianjiang New Town and Haining. Besides, the extension section of Riverside Avenue is under construction and will be finished by the end of 2008, when it will connect it to the would-be center of administrative business of the city---Qianjiang New Town.

Express Way

Desheng Expressway is the first east-west avenue, with 6 lanes on both directions, at an average speed of 60-80 km/hour. It will pass through Downtown, Jiubao,and Xiasha, connecting Jiangdong Bridge(under construction, be completed in October,2008.),which will directly link Jiangdong area of HEDA, and will be the golden tunnel to downtown.-Jiubao Large Residential Community-Xiasha and Jiongdong Area.

Jiusha Avenue

Another vital line of communications began in April, 2008, will be laid in accordance with the subway and reach directly the future downtown area of Xiasha.

New Transportation Centre in Hangzhou

In Jiubao, throat for one to travel in and out of urban area, there will construct a central station for long-distance passenger transport, the eastern railway hub station, the No. 2 passage port for passenger transport in Hangzhou section of Jinghang Grand Canal and a subway hub, which will contribute to the organic connection of Hangzhou urban area to secondary towns of Xiasha, Linping and Jiangnan.

The Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

NO.1 BRT carries from Huanglong Sports Center to the Eastern Higher Educational zone in Xiasha, and the whole trip takes around 35 minutes.

NO.1 Subway

the NO.1 Subway, under construction, will set up 7 stops in Xiasha, namely, Western Xiasha, Central Xiasha, Eastern Xiasha, Wenze Road, etc, which jointly cover the central areas of Xiasha New Town, Higher Educational Zone, Southeast Riverside Residence Area. By 2011 the NO.1 Subway will have been put into operation, when one can reach municipal downtown areas within 20 minutes


HEDA has fostered an "eight links, one level" investment and development environment, namely, to supply electricity, water, heat, good traffic, communication, broadband, waste drainage, rainfall drainage, and, the leveled land in the development area. (Statistics until March 25, 2008)

Natural Environment

HEDA is supplied with electricity mainly by Huadong Power Grip, now there stands one 220KV substation, 4 110KV substations and one heat and power plant. During 2007 we built up 220 KV Yueya Substation, 110KV Xingang Substation, and 110KV Songhe Substation. They jointly and continuously supply enterprises with dual return circuit electricity. In 2008 it plans to commence the construction of 220KV Yuandong, 110 KV Shangsha and 110KV Jiaodong Substations.


Currently, HEAD's capacity of water supply is 205,000 tons.


Within HEDA there has been constructed a grand sewage treatment plant with a daily capacity of 1,500,000 tons, and until now, phases one and two have been finished and put into practice with a daily capacity of 600,000 tons. Phase three, with a daily capacity of 600,000 tons, is supposed to be put into operation by the end of 2009.


The heating and power plant in the area is capable of supplying 460 tons of heating per hour.

Natural Gas

The mainstay pipe network is under No.11 Street, with a pipe radius of DH300; for No.20 street, area between No. 11 and No. 15 streets is already supplied with natural gas, and area between No. 15 and No. 23 streets is arranged to be supplied with natural gas this year with a pipe radius of DH300; for No.14 street, area between No. 11 and No. 15 streets is already supplied with natural gas with a pipe radius of DH200;

Educational Organizations:

The higher educational park in HEDA is of greatest scale all over the province, where we hanve 14 universities, over 180,000 university students, over 80 key disciplines of national and ministry significance, 187 gifts to confer Master's and Doctor's degrees, over 20 key laboratories of national and provincial significance and over 100 scientific research institutes.

Supply of talented personnel

The HEDA HR service center has established work for resource bases in over 10 area nationwide, and supplies enterprises in HEDA with over 50,000 people of various skills, which sufficiently meets the various enterprises need of talented people of all levels. Meanwhile, it practices on-the-job quality education project.


Total capacity of program-controlled telephone within HEAD is 76,753 and 61,065 of them has been occupied.


Zhejiang province is one of the most economically vigorous provinces nationwide, and has accommodated the branches of HSBC, Standard chartered, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, and other foreign banks, and the four state-owned banks, Hangzhou Commercial Bank, Hangzhou United Bank, Bank of Communications all have established their first-grade branches in HEDA., which renders one can deal with diverse financial activities right here.


The Fred Culture Square, Huayuan No.16 Street Area, Xizi Yangguang New Town, Days Hotel & Suites, Hotel ibis, and the Culture and Sports Center jointly provide business, shopping, dinning, culture, entertainments and other services.

Residences for employees

HEDA has accordingly developed low-rental apartments for blue-collar employees and apartments for white-collar employees, which save enterprises a lot of troubles.

Education and medical care

With HEDA, there stand 4 public primary schools,2 public high schools and 4 private schools, with a total student population of 20,000 on campus. Currently. there stand over 20 medical institutions in Xiasha and two polyclinics. Among which, Zhejiang oriental hospital in Xiasha is a AAA hospitals; On Mar28,2008, the construction project of hangzhou xiasha hospital, covering 130,000m2 and with a construction area of 166,800m2 and 1,200 beds, was initiated, and it will be constructed into a modern demonstrative AAA polyclinic.

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