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Shanghai Yuepu Industrial Gardens


Shanghai Yuepu Industrial Gardens is located in the north of Baoshan District of Shanghai, with a planned area of 467.36 hectares. The Gardens include Shanghai Shidongkou Economic Zone in the north, the original Baoshan Yuepu Industrial Development Zone in the south, and Shanghai Yuepu Electronics City. Yuepu Industrial Gardens is only 22 kilometers to downtown Shanghai, within 25 kilometers to Wusong Port and all Shanghai railway stations, only 15 kilometers to neighboring Jiangsu Province through Hutai Road, 33 kilometers to Hongqiao Airport and 47 kilometers to Pudong International Airport.

In the Gardens, Shanghai Shidongkou Economic Zone is a environmental protection-oriented economic zone ratified by Shanghai Agricultural Committee; Baoshan Yuepu Industrial Development Zone¡¯s orientation is metallurgy derivatives and metals industry; Yuepu Electronics City is featured to be a base for electronics manufacturing, processing, and assembly.

Since established in 1999, the Gardens covers a variety of main industries including steel, computer peripherals, industrial gas, environmental protection, and electromechanical manufacturing. It is home to 26 companies, including those from the US, Japan, Singapore and other countries and regions. The total foreign investment in the Gardens reached 620 million RMB.

Business Environment

I. Location
AE25 kilometers to downtown Shanghai; 10 kilometers to Baoshan District and neighboring Jiangsu Province.

II. Transportation
[Landway] 5 kilometers to Shanghai Outer Ring Road, the crossroads of Shanghai-Ningbo, Shanghai-Jiaxing, and Shanghai-Hangzhou freeways.
[Railway] Within 25 kilometers to any railway stations in Shanghai.
[Airway] 33 kilometers to Hongqiao Airport and 47 kilometers to Pudong International Airport.
[Waterway] Close to the Changjiang River, with several docks in instant reach.

III. Infrastructure
[Water supply] 500mm pipes with fresh water supply from Shanghai Tap Water Company.
[Electricity] A 220KV transformer substation; another 35KV transformer substation being planned.
[Gas] 700mm pipes with gas supply from Shanghai Gas Company.
[Drainage] Excellent drainage system with 900mm sewage pipes.

IV. Service ¨C Factory buildings for rental
Yuepu Industrial Gardens now has more than 90,000 square meters of factory buildings for purchase or rental. All factory buildings belong to universal type and are divided into A1, A2, A3, A3, A4, A5, and A6 forms. Compound units are composed of workshop and auxiliary building. A1, A2 and A5 are 2-storey factory building; A3, A4, and A6 are single-storey factory building; and all office buildings are 3-storeyed.
The rental price is RMB0.6/day/square meter, and the realty management charge is RMB0.06/day/square meters.

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