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Shanghai Qingpu Export & Processing Zone

Brief Introduction

Established in March 2003 with the approval of the State Council, Shanghai Qingpu Export & Processing Zone is a special zone under the regulation of Shanghai Customs enjoying a planned area of three square kilometers. Located in the planned territory of Qingpu Industrial Zone, a municipal industrial park in the west of Shanghai, it borders Tongsan National Road on the west, Youdun Port on the east and Beiqing Road on the south, which ensures convenient transportation.

Closed management is adopted in Qingpu Export & Processing Zone where organizations and facilities for customs, commodities inspection, taxation, industrial and commercial administration, banking, foreign trade, transportation and customs clearance are available. Enterprises that settle down there can go through all the procedures for import and export in the zone. The time for goods going through customs in the Zone reaches developed countries' level.

Focusing on export, trading and hi-tech industry, Qingpu Export & Processing Zone is a comprehensive development zone with complete facilities, favorable environment, standard operation and a large number of foreign-invested enterprises that displays image of new Shanghai and new Qingpu.

Business Environment

I. Geography
Shanghai Qingpu Export Processing Zone locates in the southwest of Shanghai, adjacent to jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, is the only way between Shanghai and these two provinces.

II. Transportation
[Landway]No. 318 National Highway (Shanghai 每 Tibet), SuHong Highway (Suzhou 每 Hongqiao Airport), Huqingping Freeway (Downtown Shanghai 每 Qingpu District), Shanghai-Hangzhou Freeway, Shanghai-Nanjing Freeway, No. 320 National Highway (Shanghai 每 Yunnan Province), Waiqingsong Highway (Jiading District 每 Qingpu District 每 Songjiang District), and Tongsan National Highway (Tongjiang of Heilongjiang Province 每 Sanya of Hainan Province).
[Airway] 17 kilometers to Hongqiao Airport, and 60 kilometers to Pudong International Airport.
[Sea transportation] 45 kilometers to Shanghai Port.
[Waterway] Dianpu River, Maohejing Canal, Taipu River, Shangda River, Daying River, and Youdun Port. These rivers conveniently lead to neighboring Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, as well as others.

III. Infrastructure
[Water supply] The capability of daily water Supply is up to 85,000 tons. And the Second Water Supply Works with capability of daily water supply of 200,000 tons is under construction.
[Electric power] A 220,000-volt and 110,000-volt electric substation, and three35,000-volt electric substations exist and directly supply power for the Zone.
[Urban gas] The capacity of daily gas transmission is up to 100,000 cubic meters.
[Communication] The Zone holds 73,000 automatic switching units, of which ex-changing rate of program control is about 95%. Both the crossing and terminal station apply optical cable and digital transmission. Moreover, the Zone opens the services of IDD, DDD, ADSL and data traffic.

IV. Intellectuals
Qingpu is an old town with a long history and culture. There are 31 middle schools,28 vocational schools, 7 technical secondary schools, 2 universities and 18 learned societies in Qingpu. The senior professional and administrative talents are more than 10,000 in all enterprises. The labor resource is also wealthy and the payment of labor force is reasonable.

Industry Guiding

I. To attract advanced technology and equipment, develop new products and focus on developing microeletronics, PC and civil-pur-pose electrical appliances, satellite telecommunication equipment, digi-tal telecommunication multimedia,integrated circuit, electronic mea-suring instrument, new type electric components, sensors, etc.
II. To develop manufacturing projects of advanced light type, high strength building materials with heat and sound insulation, and some other new type materials.
III. To develop all kinds of ball bearings,hi-tech digitaI controlled machine tool center, key automotive spare parts, auto and motorcycle moulds,and so on.
IV. To providelogistics storage service as well as the leasing and sales of standard factory buildings at export processing zone.

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