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Wuxi Binhu Economic and Technical Development Area(BHET)


Wuxi Binhu Economic and Technical Development Area (BHET) (Wuxi National High-New Tech Industrial Development Area Binhu Branch), Locates in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, facing Taihu Lake in the South, relying to Wuxi Downtown in the North, seeing the Jing-Hang (Beijing-Hangzhou) Grand Canal running through by its East and neighboring the Wuxi Binhu New City District in the West, with a total area of 22 Square km and enjoys all governmental policy preferences for China national development area. Being only 120 km away from Shanghai and 140 km to Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu Province, the advantage of Wuxi's geographic location is incomparable. And it has a highly convenient transportation network, formed up by Hu-Ning (Shanghai-Nanjing) Railway, Hu-Ning Expressway and 312 State Way.

Wuxi is the birthplace of China's contemporary national industry and its village and township industry, as well is the cradle of ancient Wu civilization. It has a solid industrial foundation with top-rank infrastructure and complete relevant service system. BHET, while being dedicated to perfecting the infrastructure, is complying with the requirements of market economy and international practices, exercising an all new management system, stimulating preferential policies for investment, simplifying government or related procedures so as to attract both foreign and domestic investors.

Up to now, several scores of enterprises from more than 10 countries and regions, which include Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, US, Italy, Australia, Germany, Singapore and Malaysia, have signed their contract with BHET, covering industries of electronics, bio-pharmaceutics, environmental engineering, automobile components, precision machinery and fashions with total investment close to USD 1 billion. And over 30 enterprises have already settled in BHET.

BHET is the banner in the strive of developing and boosting up the growth of the Riverside & Lakeside Area industrial belt, as advocated by the Wuxi Municipal Government, and also the main battlefield where Wuxi, adapting to the new order of competition, fights to gain its regional advantages with new characteristics.

With the goal, One year forms foundation, three years see development, five years exceed 10 billions and eight years win the fame, and the functional orientation, a highly effective industrial zone with a well developed service system, BHET is carving out down to earth.

Guided by our tenet Befriending investors, protecting investors and prospering investors, BHET will provide best service to every investor with our warmth and sincerity.

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Wuxi Binhu Economic and Technical Development Area (BHET) 
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