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Zhuji Economic Development Zone

Zhuji Economic Development Zone is a provincial-level economic development zone approved by Zhejiang Provincial Government. It is an important economic growth point in Zhuji. It is the major base of export-oriented economy, attracting foreign capital to invest in local industries. It plays an important role in building Zhuji into a medium-sized city. The development zone covers a total area of 25km2.

Zhuji Economic Development Zone lays stress on attracting foreign capitals, industrial projects and expanding export for earning more foreign exchange. It gives priority to the development of hi-tech industries and export-oriented economy. We will build the Development Zone into an ever-growing, exemplary and leading industrial area.

Approved by Zhejiang Provincial People Government, Zhuji Economic Development Zone was founded in 1992. After 8 years¡¯ development, it has become a modern industrial zone oriented to hi-tech and international market. It covers a wide range of industries including machinery, garments, environment protection equipment, medical & pharmaceutical, electronics, food, chemicals, textile, etc. There are 9 companies creating output values over RMB 100 million yuan and 22 companies between RMB 10 and 100 million Yuan in the zone.

Investment Environment


Zhuji, located in the central part of Zhejiang Province, is contiguous to Shaoxing, Xiaoshan, Yiwu, Fuyang and other 4 cities or counties, covering an area of 2318 square kilometers. Within the subtropical zone, it has a monsoon climate, warm and humid. It has a population of 1.06 million with 35 towns and townships under its jurisdiction. Zhuji has a long history and resourceful cultural legacies.


Zhejiang-Jiangxi railway runs through Zhuji from North to South.
The 3 provincial highways: Hangzhou-Jinhua, Shaoxing-Datang and Zhuji-Dongyong, lead to all directions.
Hangzhou-Jinhua-Quzhou Expressway goes across Zhuji.
60km to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport.
Construction of transportation ranks among the advanced counties (cities) of Zhejiang.

Industrial Structure

Industry is the leading force of local economy. Up to now, 5 key industries have been established. They are textile & apparel, pharmaceutical & chemical, tools & machinery, packing and building materials.

Characteristic Economies

Ten areas in Zhuji have their own characteristic economies covering footwear, garment, pearl, tools, packing, etc. This pattern helps develop regional economies. There are many brand name products in these ten areas.

Agriculture Specialties

Zhuji is rich in agricultural resources such as grain, swine, tea, silkworm, pearl, Chinese torreya, chestnut, etc. It is one of state commodity grain bases and is the largest fresh water pearl producing, processing and distributing center in China.

Investment Inviting Project

Zhuji Economic Development Thermal Power Plant
Extension of a 20,000KM optical fiber communication cable production line
First Phase Development of Xishi Hometown Tourist Area
Construction of a production line that produces 10 tons of feed annually for livestock, poultry, special aquatic and pets
Construction of a swine farm which raises 10,000 breeding pigs annually
Acquisition of large size special industrial chain production equipment
Production and sale of corrugated cardboard carton and production of corrugated body paper
Annual production of 10,000t bimethyl ether synthesized by one step catalytic method
Production line producing 100 million bottles (10ml) of oral liquid annually
Industrialization of wet lime flue gas desulphurization system
Technical reform of textile dyeing and finishing facilities
Acquisition and development of steel-plastic compound water pipe production line
Acquisition of towel rapier loom and peripheral facilities
Production line of Ketong brand sliding bearing
Development of dynamic machinery and related sliding bearings
Extension of furan resin sand casting
Multi-functional digital machine tool production line
Development and production of health care products made from pearl
Building of a waste water treatment plant
IC card sealing package production line
Production line producing 200,000KM computer network cable annually

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