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Zhejiang Haiyan Economic Development Zone


Haiyan Economic Development Zone (HEDZ) was gounded in July 1992 and was certified as a provincial development zone by Provincial Government of Zhejiang. It is located at the center of the industrial belt along the north bank of Qiantang River that is under provincial government¡¯s planning. It is also on the forefront in line with the development of Pudong Economic Development Zone. With a planned area of 13.8square kilometers, HEDZ is a place where foreign investment concentrates, and also serves as new industrial area and science & technology area in Haiyan County. The industrial area, including the established part and under construction part, contains Foreign Investment Zone, Haifeng Private Enterprise Industrial Park, Haixing Private Enterprise Industrial Park and Standard Component Industrial City.

HEDZ has attracted 295 projects with a total investment over RMB 1 billion Yuan that includes 27 foreign projects with contractual investment US$52.21 million. A well-facilitated and self-contained modern industrial zone has been formed, pillared by industrial clusters covering electronics, construction material, textile and machinery.

HEDZ is aiming to become ¡°a major economic growth point and a comprehensive modern town¡± on the north bank of Qiantang River in the 21st century. Focused on developing high tech industries, it puts great emphasis on the growth of export-oriented economies and private run economies.

Investment Environment

Geographic Location

HEDZ is located on the north bank of Hangzhou Bay known as Golden Coast Belt. It is 108km from Shanghai, 88km from Hangzhou and 14km from Zhapu port. 38m wide 01 Provincial Highway (Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway) goes through the whole county. It is also 5km from Zhapu-Jiaxing-Suzhou Expressway and planned Qiantang River Bridge respectively.

Functional Section

HEDZ administration center spans both sides of Zaoyuan Road in the southern part. Foreign Investment Area spans both sides of Xinqiao North Road in the east part. The northwest part is Private Enterprise Industrial Park that is to cover over 66.7 hectares.

Natural Environment

HEDZ, located on Hangjiahu Plain densely covered with rivers, is dominated by humid climate. The annual average temperature is 15.9¡æ and rainfall 1189.7mm.


Highway Transportation: Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway, Yanjia Highway, Provincial Highway Hangzhou-Jinhua section are running across HEDZ, forming a road network with Haixing Road, Chang¡¯an Road, Xinqiao North Road and Haifeng Road within HEDZ. It is 28km from Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway Jiaxing Exit.
Railway Transportation: It is 40km from Jiaxing Railway Passenger Station, Fright Station and Railway-Inland Waterway Combined Transport Station. It is 30km from Xiashi Railway Passenger Station and Freight Station. River Transportation: Yanpingtang River runs through HWDZ and enters Huangpu River. It is city level channel with a navigation capacity of 100t.
Air Transportation: It is 90 km from both Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and Hangzhou Jianqiao Airport.
Sea Transportation: It is 130km and 14km from Shanghai Port and Zhapu Port respectively.


Power supply is abundant.
20,000 program-controlled telephones have been opened with a maximum capacity of 80,000.
Industrial water and residential water in the zone are supplied by a surface water plant and a deep-well water plant respectively. The surface water plant has a daily supply capacity of 30,000 ton. Waste water is discharged into the designated area through drainage pipes after processed by individual producers to meet state standard level II.
Power supply, water supply, steam supply, post and telecommunication and paved roads are available. Six main roads have been framed with three vertical and three horizontal, extending 36m in width.

Industrial Park

Foreign Investment Area

24 foreign invested projects with contractual investment of US$52.21 million have been introduced into this area. Large technology intensive foreign invested companies settled in this zone include Hyper Electromechanical Harnpu Electronics, United Ceramics, Midori Garment and Welcome Textile.

Haifeng Private Enterprise Industrial Park

Established in 1996, this park covers 33.35 hectares with complete infrastructure and convenient transportation. There have been 65 companies in various fields, such as electronics, standard components, printing and garment. Huiyou Standard Component, Qiulin Electronics and United Electronics are among the most profitable and fast growing companies in this park.

Haixing Private Private Industrial Park

It covers 33.35 hectares in the northwestern part of HEDZ. Power supply, water supply, steam supply, post and telecommunication and paved roads are available. Over 30 companies have been allowed into this park. Green coverage rate in each block is not less than 30%. Construction density has been controlled at approximately a rate of 0.4.

Standard Component Industrial City

The first phase project of this area has been listed into Featured Industrial Parks by Provincial government. The whole area covers 35.351 hectares and is planned for 50 companies with total investment of RMB 199 million Yuan. Oriented industry is standard component manufacturing supported by a marketing center, packaging center and equipment installation center with an annual output of 150,000 ton. Oriented products include high strength fastener, auto fastener, deformed component, stainless steel fastener and regular fastener.

Investment Project

1) High Precision Cold Rolled Strip Steel Production
2) Multipurpose Screw Wrench Production Line
3) R&D of Anti-tumor Chinese Medicine Injection (Class II) 
4) Expanded Project for Upscale Heavy Wight Dyed Silk Fabric
5) Technical Transformation for 10,000t High Speed Spinning Machine 
6) Regular Polar Fleece and Anti-pilling Fleece Production 
7) Thread Rod Production
8) Long Distance Hydraulic Jack Production Line 
9) Pipe Joint Production 
10) Silk Skin Care Towel Series 
11) Current Limiting Ceramic PTC for Auto Electrical Appliance
12) High/Low Voltage Power Electric Control Equipment 

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