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Fuchunjiang Economic Development Zone



Established in May 1992, FEDZ is a provincial development zone in Zhejiang Province. It lies 35km to the Southwest of Hangzhou and 180km to Shanghai. It is an intersection point of Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo, the Golden Triangle. It need only 50-minute ride to get to Hangzhou International Airport. Fuchun River is a branch of Qiantang River leading to Ningbo Port.

By the end of 2000, FEDZ had approved a total of 236 projects, involving US$180 million actual foreign investment. FEDZ has ideal infrastructure after 9 years of development and achieves ever-growing annual industrial output values. It has become a new economic growth point in Fuyang.

Four minor parts of the zone, Yinhu, Gaoqiao, Fuchun Bay and Farmerí»s City, 8sq. km in total had been completed in 2000. The major part of the zone is planned to take up 13sq. km including a 300-hectare Hi-Tech Industrial Park which is attached to Hangzhou Hi Tech Park. The park will take the advantage of momentous development of local optical communication industry and set up an Optical Valley which is supposed to be a key component of Hangzhou Paradise Silicon Valley.

Moreover, a bio-pharmaceutical industrial park, a new material industrial park and a scientific experiment base(pilot plant) will be set up.

FEDZ has got technical and talent support from Zhejiang Provincial Science & Technology Bureau and Zhejiang Provincial Information Industry Bureau.

Relying on favorable tourism resources of hill, water, island and forest along side of Fuchun River as well as unique local culture, the FEDZ also develops tourism and real estate so as to become a valuable component of Bigger Hangzhou tourism development strategy.

Investment Environment

Natural Environment

Fuyang has a moderate, humid north subtropical monsoon climate with four distinct seasons and plenty rainfalls. The annual average temperature is 16.1º


Fuchun River, Qiantang River and Hangzhou Bay form a waterway network. The No.320 National Highway and First Grade highway along the Fuchun River go through the whole FEDZ and join the Shanghai-Hangzhou Highway, Hangzhou-Ninbo Highway and Hangzhou-Nanjin Highway. It need only 50-minute ride to get to Hangzhou International Airport and 30 minutes to Hangzhou Railway Station.

  1. Power Supply: Three 110KV substations, Yinhu, Gaoqiao and Baihe, have been put into operation with a daily capacity up to 300,000KW.
  2. Water Supply: Fuyang No.2 Water Plant is supplying water directly to the zone with a daily capacity of 100,000t.
  3. Communication: A communication network combining digital, optical cable, microwave and mobile communication has been set up. The newly built Fuchun Bay Program-controlled Exchange has a capacity of 30,000 lines.
  4. Road: A road network has been framed with Golf Road as an axle , National Road 320 and Hangzhou-Fuyang Highway as two wings. A 40m-wide main road is under construction.
  5. Sewage: A sewage treatment plant with a daily capacity of 20,000t has come into use. A special sewage pipeline system has been laid out.
  6. Living Facility: residence, hospital, school, store, supermarket, hotel, restaurant, club, golf course, wild animal world.

Investment Inviting Project

Introducing Equipment & Technology for Production of Optical Fiber 
Introducing Capital & Technology to Set up a Production Line of Video Door Bell
Optical Communication Device & Network Communication Product
Optical Valley in Fuyang New & Hi-Tech Industrial Park
Development & Production of Optical Communication Equipment
Huang Gongwang Forrest Recreation Resort 
Fuchunjiang River Aquatic Entertainment Center 

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