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Yat-Sen Scientific Industrial Park


Yan-Sen Scientific Industrial Park (YSO) was founded in 1993 with a total planned 9.34km2 area. Situated right at the middle of "Beijing-Tianjin Hi-Tech Corridor" planned by the State's plan, YSP is 3km from Yangcun Town (Wuqing County) Exit of Beijing-Tianjin-Tanggu Expressway. YSP is one of the subsidiaries of Tianjin Economic-Technological Area (TEDA) and is a hi-tech industrial park dedicated to the development of hi-tech industries such as electronics, biological, pharmaceutical, precise machinery, environmental protection, etc.

Investment Environment


YSP is 73km from Beijing, 25km from downtown Tianjin, 40km from Tianjin Binhai International Airport, 90km from Beijing International Airport and 80km from Tianjin Port. YSP has an advanced transportation network connecting Beijing-Tianjin-Tanggu Expressway, Beijing-Fuzhou Highway, Beijing-Tianjin Highway, Beijing-Shanhaiguan Railway and Beijing-Jiulong Railway.

Market Environment

YSP is located at the middle of the two big internatioal metropolises: Beijing and Tianjin.Beijing is the political, economic, cultural, finance and trade center in China while Tianjin, is an important industrial city in the North China and the center of the Bohai Bay Economic Rim. It has been playing an important role in the market and commodity distribution.

Seaway: Tianjin Xingang Port is the largest multifunctional international trade port in North China. The container wharf had an annual handling capacity of 800,000 containers in 1997.
Airway: Tianjin Binhai International Airport is the largest cargo airport in North China. It also have passenger airlines to major domestic cities and Hong Kong, Japan and Korea.
Railway: Beijing and Tianjin are the railway transportation centers of China where cargoes are delivered to every corner of the country and to as far as Europe by Europe-Asia Continental Bridge.
Highway: The intensive expressway network in Beijing-Tianjin Area extends to major cities in the country.

Industrial Foundation

The Beijing-Tianjin Area is one of the most advanced industrial areas in China with a complete industrial structure and solid industrial foundation. Suppliers can be found conveniently for a wide range of components and products both domestically and abroad upon requirement.


Land Condition: The flat land in YSP is of good quality. It has an average elevation of up to 5.9-6.2m, 10 ton/m2 loading capacity and has no seismic fracture belt passing by.
Road: Main roads are 40-60m wide. Submain roads are 30m wide. Branch roads are 20m wide. Container trucks are passable in developed blocks. Traffic mileage has been up to 18km.
Power Supply: A 220KV and a 35KV substation has been built, providing power from 20kv to 220v.
Water Supply: A clean water plant with a planned clean water supply capacity of 60,000t/d has been built. At present, it provides 30,000t clean water and 30,000t raw water per day.
Sewage System: Rainwater and waste water are drained separately. A pump station has been built.
Heat Supply: YSP has a heat supply capacity of 100,000m3 and is able to supply 30t household goethermal water. Different means of heat supply can be used according to diversified need.
Gas Supply: Pipelined natural gas and bottled liquefied petroleum gas are available.
Communication: The optical cables installed in YSP provide reliable digital telecommunication and other telecommunication services. 10,000 program-controlled telephone lines have been put into operation. A 2M DDN line has been installed connecting with Tianjin Data Bureau. 100M Internet access is available.
Service Facilities: TEDA Public Transportation Co. provides regular bus services. Shuttle buses are available for commuting between YSP and downtown Tianjin. TEDA International Training Center provides training services for companies in YSP. Luxury condo and regular apartment buildings have been built in YSP ready for purchase or rent.

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