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Shanghai Spark Development Zone


Shanghai Spark Development Zone, approved by Shanghai Municipal Government and the Municipal People¡¯s Congress in 1984, is an export-oriented industrial development zone focused on manufacture and processing industries. So far, has been developed within total 16.9sq. km planned area. In September 1993, Spark was officially programmed into the overall planning of Shanghai Pudong New District and began to enjoy the preferential policy of Pudong New District. It has ever since become one of the major development zones in Shanghai.

Shanghai Spark (Xinghuo) Development Zone has a good investment environment with the complete facilities and leveled land. It can provide central supplies of water, steam, electricity and sewage system. The development zone also provides huge future development potential, convenient land/water transportation, flat & cheap land, low cost of labor as well as complete living & entertainment facilities. Moreover, it provides one-top service covering industrial & commercial registration, taxation, commodity inspection. Overall, Spark Development Zone has become an ideal investment place for businesses from both home and abroad.

Investment Environment

Natural Environment

Spark Development Zone is located in the southern part of Shanghai and close to Hangzhou Bay. It enjoys a mild and humid climate. The annual average temperature is 15.5oC. The annual average rainfall is 1068.9mm. The land in the zone, which is of alluvial plain, is flat. The load bearing force of the land is 8t/sqm. The underground water level is 0.8-1.0m deep from the surface.

Location and Transportation

Spark Development Zone is located in the southern suburb of Shanghai and on the north bank of Hangzhou Bay. It is 39km to Dapu Road Tunnel and Lupu Bridge under construction.
Road: At present, there are three major highways accessible to Spark Development Zone. The load bearing of the bridges along the highways is 20t for autos and 120t for trailers.
Ports & Wharves: At present, the imported or exported cargo is mainly handled through the following ports:
Zhanghua Bang Wharf (Shanghai Port Zone 9): Container & Bulk Goods Wharf
Jungong Rd. Wharf (Shanghai Port Zone 10): Container & Bulk Goods Wharf
Gaoyang Rd. Wharf (Shanghai Port Zone 3 & 5) Mainly dealing with bulk goods Pudong Waigaoqiao Wharf: mainly dealing with containers
Guangang Wharf: container & bulk goods wharf
Airports: Shanghai Hongqiao(Rainbow) Airport is 52km away from the Spark Development Zone
Pudong International Airport is 30km away from the Spark Development Zone


Communication: A Telecom office with 20,000 exchange lines has been built up and D.D.D & I.D.D. are both available.
Thermoelectric: Shanghai Shenneng Thermoelectric Co. supplies both steam and electricity. Four 75tons/hour secondary high-pressure boilers and two 120,000kw generating sets were installed in the first-phase construction. The steam supply capacity is 200t/h.
Waterworks: The planned daily capacity of water supply is 300,000t. The supply capacity of its first-phase project has reached 100,000t per day. The water supply network has covered the whole development zone, and the water quality conforms to the state standard. The delivery pressure is 2.8kg/cm2 .
Transformer Station: A 220KV regional voltage-reducing station has been built up. Four 125,000 KVA transformers can be installed. So far, two 125,000 KVA transformers have been installed and put into use. Two 35KV transformer substations are available. Power is mainly supplied from Gezhouba Hydro-electric Power Plant, Huainan Power Plant and Huaibei Power Plant.
Drainage Center: clean water and sewage water are drained in different systems.
Fire Station: Shanghai Spark Fire Fighting Station in the zone is a controlling & directing center in the southern area of Shanghai. It was designed and built based on A-level fire fighting standard and is equipped with 10 fire engines and a highly trained staff.
Industrial Waste Treatment: The industrial waste burning center takes the form of double cabinets and Kiln structure which treat the solid and liquid industrial wastes respectively. The annual treatment capacity is 1500t.
Inner River Dock: Jinhui Canal in the west of the zone, connecting Hangzhou Bay in the south and Huangpu River in the north, is a fairway for ships or barges up to 300 tonnage to reach the Zone. There are 4 berths of 300 tonnage and 2 berths of 100 tonnage in the Zone. The total annual handling capacity is about 0.6 million tons.
Standard Workshop: The total area of planned standardized factory building is 50,000m2. About 10,000m2 has been completed and put into use.

Industry Orientation

Spark focuses on:
We lay stress on the development of hi-tech medical and pharmaceutical products. Meanwhile, we develop vitamin raw material medicines, agricultural chemicals and consumer chemicals.
Chemical Fiber
We plan to introduce advanced technology and equipment to develop polyester fiber manufacture, dyeing and garment processing.
We plan to build this zone into one of the papermaking bases in Shanghai through introducing new technology and developing quality paper for both industrial and household use.

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