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Wuhan Economic & Technological Development Zone


Wuhan Economic & Technological Development Zone started construction in May 1991 and was approved by the State Council as a national level development zone in April 1993. It is located in the southwestern Wuhan on the bank of Yangtze River. 14km2 has been developed with a total planned 31km2 area. It plans to control 90.7km2 in the long term. WEDA has a beautiful environment, convenient transport and complete infrastructure. A diversified industrial system has been formed covering auto & auto parts, food & beverage, machinery, electronic, building material, pharmaceutical, bio-engineering, etc. It has become the largest and fast-growning national level development zone in the central part of China.

Investment Environment

Natural Condition

It is 15km from downtown Wuhan. It has a subtropical monsoon climate with four distinct seasons. The annual average temperature is 16.8íŠ and the yearly average rainfall is 1093.3mm. The land is suitable for industrial use.

Industrial Background

Wuhan is a cultural and economic center in central part of China. It has a solid industrial foundation covering 33 main industry categories. Metallurgy, auto, machinery and hi-tech industry are its pillar industries.


Highway: A highway network has been formed by 13 national highways, 15 provincial highways and 39 county highways.
Railway: Beijing-Guangzhou railway and Shanghai-Chongqing railway run through downtown Wuhan. Two main arteries intersect with many important railways in Wuhan.
Waterway: Wuhan Port is the largest inland port in China with shipping lines direct to 14 countries and regions. It can handle up to 40 million tons of cargo every year.
Airway: Wuhan Tianhe International Airport is the fourth largest airport in China. 50 airlines has been in operation reaching 45 cities in China. International airlines to Hong Kong, Macau, Japan and South Korea have been available.


Water Supply: The planned daily supply capacity of waterworks is 400,000t. A waterworks with a capacity of 100,000t/day has been completed which can supply water together with the 300,000t/day downtown water supply system.
Power Supply: A 220KV 360KVA substation and four 110KV converting stations have been built. A peak adjustment power plant with a first-phase daily supply capacity of 180,000KW has been put into operation.
Gas Supply: A gas plant with a first-phase supply capacity of 140,000m3 has been put into operation. Its capacity will reach 380,000m3/day finally.
Heat Supply: A heating center with a first-phase capacity of 90t/h has been put into operation.
Drainage System: Rainwater and waste water are drained by separate pipeline system with a total length of 132km.
Waste Water Treatment: A waste water treatment plant with a first-phase of 60,000t/day and final capacity of 180,000t/day is under construction.

Functional Sections

Wuhan Export-oriented Processing Area

Approved by the State Council, WEPA is the only national export-oriented processing area in central part of China. It covers a total 2.7km2 planned area of which 0.7km2 has been developed in the first stage.

Hi-Tech Industrial Park

The planned area in the first phase covers 0.5km2. 40,000m2 factory building and 12,000m2 incubation and comprehensive office building will be built. It gives priority to electronic industry, bio-engineering, new pharmaceutical, optical-mechanical-electrical integration, new material, etc.

Private-owned Business Industrial Park

Covering an area of 0.3km2, the park has attracted over 20 companies to invest there.

Hi-Tech Agricultural Park

Covering an planned area of 2.3km2, the park mainly develops environmental-friendly agriculture and tourism agriculture.

Investment Inviting Project

Wuhan Sports Center Construction Project
Wuhan International Exhibition Center Construction Project
Hi-Tech Industrial Park Construction Project 
Hi-Tech Agriculture Development Project 
Auto Trade Market Business Project
Bonded Warehouse Business Project
WETDZ Waste Water Treatment Plant Construction Project
Rice Milling Equipment Set Manufacture Project
Hougong Lake Tourism Development Project
Auto Shock Absorber Manufacture Project
Business Suit Production Line Expansion Project
AOS Consumer Chemical Production Project
Powder Metallurgy Valve Seat Manufacture Expansion Project 
Pressed Auto Parts Manufacture Project 
Commercial Satellite Instrument Manufacture Project
Bio-fertilizer Manufacture Project
Rare Earth PM Material Application
Tire Anti-break Alarm
Drilling Bit Self-plugging Rivet Production Line Project 

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