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Zhaoyuan Economic Development Zone


Approved by Provincial Government of Shandong, Zhaoyuan Economic Development Zone was founded in December 1992. Since its establishment, it has been introducing advanced technologies and management methods from home and abroad, launching new industries, developing new products, expanding international marketing, boosting economic and technological relationship and cooperation with other regions. We are taking great pains to build this zone into an export processing with many tourism attractions. Nowadays, a good investment with complete infrastructure, living facilities and services has been emerged.

Within the starting area of 3.6km2, the infrastructure including water and power supply, communication, etc., have been fully equipped. Six functional parks, namely High Tech Industrial Park, Light Industrial Park, Private Industrial Park, Building Material Processing Park, Holiday Resort and Residential Area, are beginning to take shapes. Over 30 companies from Germany, Canada, Australia, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan have invested here with investments involved in electronic industry, light industry, machinery, plastic, food, garment processing and etc.

Investment Environment

Natural Environment

Zhaoyuan has a warm, semi-humid temperate monsoon continental climate with four distinct seasons. The annual average temperature is 11.5 degrees centigrade.

Location & Transportation

Zhaoyuan Economic Development Zone is located at the east of Zhaoyuan downtown. The planned area is 8.8 sq. km and the starting area is 3.6 sq. km. The lay of the land is broad and flat with solid geological structure.

Airway: 110km east to Yantai Airport and south to Qingdao Airport.
Railway: 70km to Jiaoji Railway
Highway: Longkou Port-Qingdao Port Highway and Longkou Port-Yantai Port Highway are passing through
Port: 30km to Longkou Port, 140km to Qingdao Port and 110km to Yantai Port


Communication: The existing telephone and mobile phone system can meet the requirements.
Water & Power Supply: A waterworks with a capacity of 10,000t/day and two 35KV transformer substations
Road & Pipe Network: Six main road in the starting area with a total length of 14km; water supplying pipeline, sewage pipeline have been completed.
Labor Market: Zhaoyuan has a quality labor force with a complete education system.

Investment Orientation

Key industries include:

  • Electronics: household electrical appliance, instrument, electronic component
  • Consumer Goods: leatherwear, woolen and other fiber products, polyurethane products, toys and gifts, high-end household articles
  • Machinery: agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, electromechanical equipment, standard parts, testing instrument
  • Food: convenience food, farm products, aquatic products
  • Chemical: fine chemicals, bio-chemicals
  • Building Material: light-weight high-strength and thermal insulation building material, decorative material, new material

Investment Inviting Project

Gold/Silver Jewelry & Ornament Industrial Park
Flower Cultivation
Peanut Processing
Copper Recycling
Recycled Aluminum Processing 
Pellet & Mash Feed
IT Industrial Park 
Rex Rabbit Breeding & Processing
Disposable Medical Article
Potato/Sweet Potato Processing 
PVC High-performance Compound Heat Stabilizer
Rubber Anti-coking Agent 
Knitted Sweater
Hot Spring Convalescence Center 
Foamed Polystyrene Board 
Cast Iron/Steel Producing 
Powder Metallurgical Machine Parts 
Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Product Manufacturing
Peanut Planter, Hey Cutter and Other Agricultural Machine Manufacturing

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