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Langfang Economic & Technical Development Zone


Langfang Economic & Technical Development Zone was founded in June 1992 with a planned area of 14km2. It lies in the central part of Bohai Sea Economic Circle. The area around Langfang Development Zone is one of the most prosperous parts in China, with highly developed industries, convenient transportation and lively markets. It has become a strategic point for both domestic and overseas businesses trying to tap the North China market. Langfang Development Zone is taking great pains to attract home and foreign capitals and develop international markets, trying to participate in the international competition. It gives priority to technology oriented, export oriented and import substitute oriented industries. Encouraged industries include Airplane and auto manufacturing, textile, bio-engineering, pharmaceutical, fine chemical, food processing, tourism, etc.

Investment Environment


Langfang Development Zone lies between Beijing and Tianjin, the biggest port city in China. It is 40km from Beijing, 60km from Tianjin, 60km from Beijing International Airport, 70km from Tianjin International Airport and 105km from Tianjin Port. It takes less than one hour to get to Beijing, Tianjing, airports and seaports by Beijing-Tinjin-Tanggu Expressway.

Natural Environment

The land in the planned area is flat and smooth and suitable for construction. The ground water level is 3-5m under the earth surface with a mineralization less than 2g/L. Underground heat water 1500-2000m deep has good business potential. The annual average temperature is 11.8íŠ and the annual average precipitation is 593.4mm.

  1. Road: A high quality 49.6km long road network has been built, connecting with downtown Langfagn and Beijing-Tianjin-Tanggu Expressway.
  2. Water Supply: A water plant with a daily supply capacity of 50,000t has been set up in the zone. The water output pressure is 0.4MPA.
  3. Sewage System: A sewage disposal plant has been set up in the zone with a disposal capacity of 28m3/S.
  4. Power Supply: The power is supplied by Beijing-Tianjin-Tanggu power network. The quality meets the state standard.
  5. Gas Supply: Langfang Gas Company in the zone supplies pipelined natural gas and bottled LPG.
  6. Heat Supply: Three heat plants have been put into operation including one high temperature water plant and two high temperature steam plant with a total heat supply capacity of 1,200,000m3.
  7. Industrial Steam: The heat plant can provide 0.8-1.5mpa, 170-193íŠ steam 24 hours a day. It can also provide special industrial steam to meet customersí» needs.
  8. Communication: An advanced program-controlled telephone switchboard with a capacity of 7,000 lines has been set up, providing domestic & overseas call, telegram, fax, wireless communication, video phone, data transfer, etc. International postal service is available.

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