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Changshu Export-oriented Agricultural Comprehensive Development Zone


Changshu Export-oriented Agricultural Comprehensive Development Zone is a provincial development zone approved by Provincial Government of Jiangsu in October 1995. It lies in the suburban area of Changshu with a total 10sq. km of planned area. A total of US$ 6.6 million has been put into the construction of facilities. Basic facilities and leveled land are completed in the 334-hectare starting zone. It is very close to Changshu Port and 100km to Shanghai International Airport.

So far 15 domestic and foreign companies have been approved into the development zone. US$9.2 million of foreign capital has been invested. The development zone is oriented to both domestic and overseas markets and lays stress on comprehensive agriculture development. Five bases have been completed. They are Special Aquatic Farm, Non-polluted Vegetable Planting Base, Special Flower & Seed Nursery Base, Intelligent Greenhouse Facilitated Agricultural Base and Comprehensive Agriculture Development Service Center. Joint ventures and sole foreign-invested companies in the zone enjoy preferential policies in a provincial level. It is an ideal place of agriculture investment.

Investment Inviting Project

High Efficiency Facilitated Agriculture Development
  1. Building a 15-hectare green house, which is a facilitated high efficiency agricultural base, growing flower, vegetable, fruit, herb and other quality economic crops.
  2. Introducing high quality seed and young plant of flower, vegetable, fruit and herb species
Total Investment: RMB 45 million Yuan
Business Type: Joint Venture or Sole Foreign Invested Company 
Herbivorous Animal Breeding & Processing Company
  1. Building an herbivorous animal breeding base producing 500,000 head annually
  2. Building a livestock & poultry deep processing plant with an annual processing capacity of 5 million head
  3. Selling products in overseas markets
Total Investment: RMB 40 million
Business Type: Co-operative Company; Joint Venture or Sole Foreign Invested Company
Changshu Poultry & Livestock Experiment Plant

Introducing quality breeding swine from abroad; Setting up a comprehensive company breeding, raising, slaughtering, processing and marketing pork products. Most products are sold in overseas markets.

Total Investment: RMB 23 million Yuan
Business Type: Joint Venture (30% from Chinese side and 70% from foreign investors)
Yangcheng Lake Special Aquatic Farm
  1. Juvenile Crab Breeding & Raising; Commodity Crab Marketing & Exporting
  2. Special Fish Introducing, Breeding, Deep-processing and Marketing
Total Investment: RMB 40million Yuan
Business Type: Joint Venture or Leased Company
Beef Raising, Slaughtering & Deep Processing
  1. A beef raising plant turning out 10,000 head of beeves annually for slaughtering and 5,000 head on hand perennially.
  2. A beef processing company slaughtering, processing and marketing beef products.

Total Investment: US$5.5 million
Business Type: Joint Venture (20% from Chinese side and 80% from foreign investors) or Sole Foreign Invested Company

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