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Jilin Economic & Technical Development Area


Founded at the end of 1998 under approval by Jilin Provincial People's Government, Jilin Economic and Technological Development Area belongs to a provincial-level economic & technological development area. This area is located in the northwest of Jilin City. It closes to Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture in the east, is adjacent to Changchun in the west, to Shenyang in the south, and is bounded by Heilongjiang in the north. And this area covers 28 square kilometers of which is a planned area, and 18.9 square kilometers is an initial area to be developed.

The area will pay attention to industries, and at the same time, large sized industrialization sectors will be highlighted in its future development. Taking creation of favorable development environment as its own important pursuit, construct this area into the northern industrial base of chemical fibers, agricultural product processing,fine chemicals and auto parts, supporting by resources, industries, talents, and infrastructures. The major companies established in the zone include:Jilin Chemical Fiber Company Ltd.,Jilin Qifeng Chemical Fiber Company Ltd., Jilin Fuel Alcohol Company Ltd.,Jilin Branch of Sichuan Tuopai Group,Jilin Branch of Hangzhou Wahaha Group,Jilin Branch of Inner-Mongolia Yili Group,Jilin Branch of Hongkong New Industrial International Holding Limited, Jilin Longsan Organic Silicon Group etc.

Capacious market space, abundant resources,policy support of rebounding Northeast, provide the investors good developing environment, who hammer at exploiting development zone. We sincerely welcome all investors come here to invest and develop for brilliant future!

Investment Environment

Natural Environment

Jilin lies in the central part of Northeast Plain abounding with water, power, mineral and forest resources. It is an important industrial city and commodity grain base in China. Located in the north temperate zone, it has a continental monsoon climate. The annual average temperature is 4.2íŠ.


Railway: Changchun-Tumen Railway goes across JEDA. Two stations, Jiuzhan and New Jiuzhan, along the railway are within the JEDA. Jiuzhan Station is only 8km to Qipan Marshalling Yard, an important railway hub in Jilin Province. JEDA has its own railway 24.5 km in length and plans to build a marshalling yard for its own use.
Highway: JEDA reaches Changchun-Jilin North Highway in the west and Changchun-Jilin-Huichun Expressway in the south which link JEDA to the national highway network.
Airway:JEDA is 5km from Jilin Airport and 50km from planned Changchun International Airport.
Waterway: JEDA is 6km from planned Jilin Port.


Located in Songhua River area, Jilin is abundant with water resources. Northeast Power Network provides sufficient power supply to JEDA. Jilin is also rich in mineral resources. The amount of over 40 kinds of minerals has been identified.

Industrial Foundation

As an important industrial base in China, Jilin has formed a well-developed industrial system covering chemical, auto, power, metallurgical, machinery, electronic, food, pharmaceutical, building material, etc.


Water supply. Because the Songhua River flows through Jilin region, JEDA has rich water resources for industries. Water supply systems of different water qualities will supply to JEDA. Industrial grade water will be taken directly from the Songhua River. A 200,000t/d purification water works will be built in the future, the 1st phase 100,000t/d water supply system to JEDA has put into service. Sanitary water can be supplied by the 30,000t/d water supply system via Jilin City tap water supply network, and this water supply system will be expanded to 100,000t/d of potable water in the planned future.
Effluent discharging system. There is a sewage treatment plant of 60,000m3/d in JEDA.
Power Supply System:

  • With the help of adequate Northeast Power Grid sources, JEDA can be guaranteed in power supply;
  • In general, JEDA power supply is at 220kV source; high voltage power source is at 66kV; and medium voltage is 10kV;
  • JEDA has a three-point double-ring line consists of 500kV Baojia Substation and 220kV Xinli Substation as hubs;
  • Hada Power station within JEDA with installed capacity of 250,000kW has put operation for generating electricity after transmitting electricity to the relevant power grip in 2002.
Heating system. There are several Thermal Power Station in JEDA, which can supply heat sources to enterprises in JEDA. According to deferent air pressure and requirement, there will be deferent price.
Roads. Roads in JEDA have formed a network of high-grade roads, main roads of 60m in width, and other ordinary roads of 30m in width. Underground pipe network has been embedded at a time.
Telecommunication. The Telecommunication Bureau can supply program-controlled telephone lines. It also provides other services with optical cables.

Investment Inviting Project

A. Fly ash new type building material project
B. Dairy cattle breeding base
C. Feedstuff processing project
D. 3,000t/a refined perillaseed oil plant
E. Auto parts industrial park project
F. Degradable pulp molding tableware production line

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