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Hanzhong Economic Development Zone(North)


Hanzhong Economic Development Zone(North) is a province-level economic development zone approved by Shaanxi Provincial Government. It lies in the north suburb of Hanzhou, 4km from downtown, 5km from Hanzhou Airport and 3km from Hanzhou Railway Station. The total planned area is 8sq. km excluding Xingyuan Lake Park and landscaped belt around 1sq. km. The north zone is devided into 5 functional sections: hi-tech industrial park, conventional industrial park, business district, residential district and recreational district. It is a comprehensive development zone which is technology-based, industry-focused and also covers service industries, tourism and finance.

Investment Environment

Natural Environment

Hanzhong lies on the north fringe of subtropical zone with a mild climate. The annual average temperature is 14.3ˇć. The annual precipitation is 800-1,000mm. It is rich in animal, plant and other natural resources.


YangˇŻan Railway, which links with Xiangyu Railway and Baocheng Railway, passes through the south part of the zone. No.108 national road goes across the north part of the zone. Hanbao section of No.316 national road is also running through. It is 4km from downtown Hanzhong, 5km from Hanzhou Airport and 3km from Hanzhou Railway Station.


It plans to build 50,000sq. km standard factory building and stadard warehouse in the industrial parks in the initial stage. A post and telecommunication building with a capacity of 20,000 program-controled telephones has been set up and connected to both national and international network. The 63,000KVA converting station has been increasing its capacity. Other facilities, including a water supply plant with a 50,000t daily capacity and a waste water treatment plant with a 20,000t daily treatment capacity, have been set up. A heat supply station and several main roads are under construction.

Functional Sections

Hi-Tech Industrial Park

It lies in the west side of Hanbao Road and both sides of Yingbin Road and Xinyuan Road middle section. The planned area is 207.68 hectares that is 25.92% of the total planned area. It is a home of hi-tech companies. An intelligent office building has been set up.

Convetional Industrial Park

The planned area is 251.25 hectares that is 31.36% of the total planned area. It is a home of companies that are not classified into hi-tech catalog.

Business District

It lies in both ends of Hanbao Road. It has specialized markets, stores, office buildings and supporting agencies including administrative commission, finance, tax, public safety, etc. It is a place for both working and shopping.

Residential District

It lies in the east side of Hanbao Road and both sides of Yingbin East Road. The planned area is 163.18 hectares that is 20.36% of the total planned area. It has luxury residential quarter, ordinary residential quarter, medical services, schools and supermarkets.

Tourism & Recreational District

It lies in the east side of Hanbao Road and in the south side of Yingbin Road. It has Xingyuan Lake Park, the biggest park in southern Shaanxi. Amusement park, villas and hotels have been built around the lake. It is an ideal place to relax.

Investment Inviting Project

Water Supply & Drainage Pipeline and Cable Duct Construction

Total investment RMB78.35 million Yuan. It plans to build 10,400m water supply pipelines and 48,550m drainage pipeline with a separate sewerage system. A 7,600m cable duct will be built to support the 63,000KVA Xinyuan Converting Station.

Industrial Park Second Phase Project

Total investment RMB79.56 million Yuan. It plans to build 30,600km2 standard factory building and 20,600km2 standard warehouse. 10 hectare of land will be used. Currently, up to 50,000m2 of factory building and warehouse has been subject to leases.

Main Road Construction Project

Total investment RMB200 million Yuan. It plans to build 9 main roads including 5 from east to west and 4 from north to south.

Hanzhong North Road Upgrade Project

Total investment RMB150 million Yuan. It will be rebuilt into 60m-wide concrete road with a separate sewerage system.

Heat & Power Cogeneration

Total investment RMB250 million Yuan. It plans to build a 2ˇÁ130t/h recirculating fluidized bed and a 2ˇÁ12mw steam turbo-generaor set which can supply 2,633,000kj heat and 13,670,000kwh electricity annually.

Hyperfine Silicon Powder Production Line

Total investment RMB300 million Yuan. It plans to produce 40,000t hyperfine silicon powder, 40,000t deionized active hyperfine silicon powder, 20,000t high-purity fused hyperfine silicon powder and 10,000t hyperfine active calcium carbonate annually.

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