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Jinjiang Industrial Park


Jinjiang Industrial Park is located in the forefront of Fujian-Taiwan Economic & Technological Cooperation Belt. It is an experimental field for both economic development and comprehensive supporting reforms in Jinjiang. With a total planned area of 8.5 sq. km, the setup of the park is ˇ°one center & four industrial blocksˇ± facilitated with residential, entertainment, transport, water & power supply, communication and other infrastructure. Investments are mainly put into high tech and low pollution industries. An international market targeted industrial park has been initially established, dominated by capital and technology intensive industries.

Investment Environment


Jinjiang is located in southeastern coast of Fujian Province and lies in Golden Triangle Economic Development Zone. It is a hometown of many overseas Chinese and Taiwanese, facing Jinmen and Taiwan across the Straits.


Airway: airlines are available in Quanzhou Airport from Jinjiang to major cities home and abroad.
Seaway: Weitou, Shenhu, Dongshi, Anping Harbor Districts have been complete. Ten 500-10,000t multifunctional docks and Weitou-Hong Kong container lines are available.
Highway: Fuzhou-Xiamen Expressway and National Road 324 go across the zone.

  1. Power Supply: Two 220KV converting station. 100KV installed capacity is up to 876,000KVA. A cogeneration system is also available.
  2. Water Supply: A 200,000t waterworks is under construction, supported by a 1,200,000t diversion works.
  3. Communication: Program-controlled telephone capacity is up to 250,000.
One-stop Service

Various functional departments, including industrial and commercial administration, tax bureau, bank, municipal administration, environmental protection bureau, fire brigade, power supply company, telecommunication company and Industrial Zone Administration, are put into one building so that registration, counseling, project approval and licensing will be more convenient for interested companies.

Favored Industries

Electronic Information Industry:

electronic component, special electronic product, communication equipment, computer product, broadcasting product, application software, network engineering and information service.

Electromechanical Industry:

machinery upgrade, heavy-duty machinery, transmitting & transforming equipment, key auto parts, intelligent instrument, medical electrical appliance, special boat, new household appliance, environmental protection equipment.

New Material Industry:

polymer material, rare earth, composite material, textile auxiliary, hyperfine powder, new building material.

Bio-pharmaceutical Industry:

bio-medicine, marine medicine, pharmaceutical raw material, Chinese patented drug.

Investment Inviting Project

Amino Acid Manufacturing Technology 
Microbial Polysaccharide
New Type Disinfectant 
Biaxial Stretching Film of Polypropylene (BOPP) 
Low Melting Point Polypropylene Short-spaple (ES Fiber) 
PC Panel Processing
Plastic Composite Film
Organic Silicon Modified Acrylic Resin 
High Hygroscopy Resin 
Hyperfine Silicon Dioxide
Plant Fiber Food Container 
Phenolic Foam Sandwich Panel

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