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Beijing Tianzhu Airport Industrial Zone


Beijing Tianzhu Airport Industrial Zone (BAIZ) was founded in January 1994 with the approval of Beijing Municipal Government. 3.5square km has been developed in the first phase with a total 7.9square km planned area. BAIZ is located 1,000m west to the Capital Airport Expressway. Beiing-Chengde Highway, which is the No.101 National Highway, runs across it from south to north, seperating BAIZ into two parts, area A and area B. It is 15km from Sanyuan Bridge, 17km from downtown business center and 150km from Tanggu Port, Tianjin.

BAIZ is oriented to develop the aviation-related industry based on the airport and electronic & information industry based on Beijing Electronic Zone. Hi-tech industries play a major part in the industrial structure. Cooperative partners are mainly transnational companies with large investment. By the end of June 2000, over 70 companies had settled in the zone with a total investment of US$900 million. Among 20 plus transnational companies, 8 are ranked into the top 500 in the world. In the next 5 years, BAIZ will give priority to electronic information industry, bio-pharmaceutical industry, optical-mechanical-electrical integration, new material and bounded warehouse. It will build and develop three bases and two parks: hi-tech industrial base, scientific innovation base, export base, business startup park for foreign-trained talent and biotechnology park. The amount of transnational companies in the zone is expected to reach 50 in this period.

Investment Environment

Natural Condition

BAIZ is located 1km west to Beijing International Airport. It is in the north temperate zone with a semi-humid and continental monsoon climate, distinct seasons and abundant sunshine. The average temperature over the whole year is 11.5 with 610.2mm average annual precipitation. It is located on the second terrace of Wenyu River--the famous JingHang Grand Canal. The land is flat and the load-bearing capacity (R) is normally 10-15T/m2. The underground water level is 1.6m--4.5m.


Airway: Beijing Capital International Airport is the biggest one in China, handling up to 35 million passengers and 190,000 flights annually. Cargo and mail processing capacity reaches 780,000t. BAIZ has a special cargo expressway to the Capital Internationl Airport.

Highway: Beijing-Miyun Highway is the initial section of the Beijing-Chengde Highway. No.359915916918 and other two bus lines are available for commuting between BAIZ and downtown Beijing.

Railway: BAIZ is 20km from Beijing Railway Station and 30km from Beijing West Railway Station. Beijing Cargo Railway Station, Shunyi Cargo Railway Station and Zhangxin Cargo Railway Station are all 15km from BAIZ.

Seaway: It takes one hour and 50 minutes to drive to Tanggu Port, Tianjin, by the Airport Expressway and Beijing-Tianjing-Tanggu Expressway.


Infrastructure and leveled land have been completed within the first 3square km developing area.

  1. Water Supply: The water source for BAIZ is from groundwater in Chaobai River System. The quality of the water meets the National Standard of the drinking water for urban residents.
  2. Drainage: The rain water and the waste water are drained separately through different pipes. The rain water is directly drained into the Wenyu River and the waste water is carried to the Tianzhu-Houshayu comprehensive sewage treatment plant.
  3. Power Supply: Two 110kv substations are available, having 10kv cables connected to switching houses. The power supply capacity is 40,000 KVA in Area A and 60,000KVA in Area B. Double circuits power supply system is adopted.
  4. Heating: Each area has a heating plant providing heat 24 hours a day. The heat supply capacity in area A is 120T/H steam. The plant in area B can supply 29MW/H (40 steam tons) high temperature water and 30T/H steam. The pressure of the steam is 0.6MPa--0.8MPa.
  5. Gas Supply: Natural Gas is pipelined into BAIZ from Shaanxi, Gansu and Ningxia provinces. A LPG exchange station with a capacity of 2000m3/H is available. The heat value of the gas is 8000--10000kilocalories/m3 and the same for Huabai index.
  6. Road: The road network in BAIZ is arranged properly.
  7. Telecommunication: The Telecommunication Bureau can supply 80,000 program-controlled telephone lines. It also provides other services with optical cables.
  8. Standard Factory Building: 12 standard factory buildings have been built with a total 100,000m2 floorage. Buildings fall into 3 categories: 1200m2, 1700m2 and 2600m2. All necessary facilities have been installed. Property Management Company is available for the maintenance of these buildings.
Investment Inviting Project
Leasing of Standard Factory Building
Leasing of State-owned Land (Industrial Land) 

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